Love is our new reality

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Mary Magdalene via Lea Chapin, January 25th, 2018

Please allow yourself to begin to feel the sacredness of your soul. The sacredness of the essence of your being. And begin to call in this accelerated energy of enlightenment that will allow you to shift yourself from your lower vibrational frequencies into your higher state of consciousness. And so, Dear Children, begin to realize that you are in a new era of time. The beginning of this year of 2018 symbolizes the energy of peace. I know we have spoken of this many times before, and we will continue to speak of this, but peace will prevail upon your planet. Peace will prevail upon the hearts and the souls of all sentient beings, and all life forms will return back to their original state of Oneness in which each of you were created. And so, Dearest Children, begin to feel this presence inside of your being, begin to feel this vibration of enlightenment as you now begin to shift, from feeling and sensing what you may call the dark energies and the density that has prevailed upon this planet, misdirected energy of the lower vibrational frequencies, of fear and separation.

It is of grave importance, Dearest One, that you hold this frequency inside of your essence. Because you are the change makers. You, Dearest Ones, are the change makers. You are making a difference by your presence, by your energy, by your light, one moment at a time. You are the change makers. And you see, Dearest One, what you are holding for your intention for peace to prevail, will simply ripple throughout the planet. Your intention will cause change. Do not allow yourself to become complacent, do not allow yourself to live in fear. Do not allow yourself to worry what does tomorrow bring. Be the change you wish to see for tomorrow. Be the change you wish to see for tomorrow.

You see, this is the result of what you may call your current administration in your United States of America. This under current of energy has now sparked the light, and the people are awakening to the light, to the truth. No longer complacent, no longer fearful. Uniting together in one energy of love, peace, unity, and enlightenment. As if a match has been struck and people have awakened and feel empowered and have become enlightened. Yes, Dear One, this is the fury as they say of the change maker. Know that everything you have been doing to hold the energy of peace, enlightenment, love and unity has now been received. I will say this again. Everything that you have been doing to hold the energy of peace, love, light, and unity has been received. The spark of enlightenment has been embedded into the conscious and the subconscious of so many. And so, Dearest Ones, as you see in the marches of the women’s movement, the spark has been ignited, the energy of the Divine Feminine has come alive. We will not be silenced, our voices shall be heard, and we are here to make the change that is necessary for this planet, and for your United States of America, as we have spoken of last week with Paul the Venetian. Paul brought forth the energy of Divine, Cosmic Love, for he is represented and continues to represent the energy of freedom and liberty and justice for all. And this is not only for your United States of America, but for all souls on the planet. Freedom, liberty, and justice for all. So today, Dearest Ones, please allow yourself to congratulate yourself for your level of commitment and determination, and for holding the light, because now the spark has been ignited, and the children and the grandchildren can now live in peace. Future generations can now expect to live in peace.

Go now, my children, with the understanding that all is in order, and all is as it should be. You are divine children of the light, and we are so grateful to each of you that you’ve chosen to stand in this living frequency, and live in the truth and the essence of who you are. Be not afraid, but hold the presence of your vessel in its purest form. Your physical bodies are a reflection of the inner, your physical bodies are a reflection of the inner consciousness, so allow the light to illuminate, and allow your bodies to become physically strong, and healthy, and resilient. Vital and healthy, throughout the rest of your incarnation so that you are holding the light in your temple, in your physical body, until the moment that it is time for you to ascend in its purest form. There is no need for disease, there is no need for disease. Hold the light in your vessel until it is time for you to ascend. This is our message of the day, Dearest Ones, stand in the brilliance of your illumination as an enlightened one, in this beautiful energy of the power of now to accelerate your frequency to the highest consciousness that you are able to embody and to receive, knowing that your physicality is strong and pure, and your light is shining brightly for all to see.


» Source – Channel: Reverend Lea Chapin