Love is our new reality

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Mary Magdalene via Lea Chapin, November 24th

Greetings Dear One, yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. As I come into each of your energy fields I feel a great deal of excitement and also trepidation, for today it is about liberation, it is about moving forward into spiritual liberation. At our last gathering Christ spoke about the beautiful energy of peace that is running through the ley lines and the grid lines of this planet, and the unification of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies upon this planet.

As we have unified and united our frequencies upon this earth plane, there is a great deal of excitement and also anticipation of what this energy will bring forward. Many of you are holding within your hearts fear of earth changes and what might come as this energy brings forth its powerful energy of freedom. I ask you to place your feet firmly on the ground, and imagine yourself deeply connected to the energy of Mother Earth. As you place your feet into the crystalline core of Mother Earth, grounding your energy, grounding your essence, grounding your physicality, that you may hold the space of love for the beautiful beings of light, for all to be liberated, all to be set free.

So I ask you to take a deep breath, begin to breathe in the essence and the presence of peace, and to breathe in the essence and presence of joy, and to breathe in the essence and presence of light, that holds the beautiful essence, the light frequency of freedom within your being. And so as you begin to breathe in this powerful essence, I ask that you hold the space of love for yourself and then for another, hold the space of love first for yourself and then for another. Today as Jeshua and I come, we come to liberate you from your physical limitation and your physical reality. As Jeshua received his liberation, as he moved forward into his ascended light body, after the crucifixion and resurrection, we want to bring this frequency unto you on this day, so that you, too, are liberated from your physical bodies. Allowing you to transcend between dimensions, and allow yourself to hold the beautiful frequency of light for this planet.

And now that the unification of Mother/Father energy is on this planet, each of you are standing in the frequency of what we call the rainbow energy. You are in this beautiful, powerful frequency of translucent light, and we ask you to hold this frequency within your being. And so please take a deep deep deep inhaling breath and begin to breathe in the essence and presence of peace, and breathe in this rainbow frequency of what we call spiritual liberation. In these changing times it is necessary for you, Dearest Children, to rise above the mundane? As you begin to live in the higher frequencies of the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensional frequencies you shall remain in your physical body, but your physical body will become lighter and lighter and lighter and lighter, just like your Lemurian brothers and sisters, you will hold higher frequencies of knowledge and wisdom, beauty and grace.

Today as you feel this beautiful rainbow frequency entering through your crown chakra, may you connect your heart, your mind, your soul, and all aspects of your being to this beautiful rainbow frequency of the human way, of what we call freedom and spiritual liberation. Yes, dearest children, there is a way of spiritual liberation and freedom. Allowing yourselves to tap into this beautiful way, so that you are not limited to your physicality. This is what we mean when we say live in this world but not of it. And just as Jeshua transformed himself into his crystalline light body and walked the earth plane in his beautiful Christ Essence, he was never the same, but he was grander. He was able to move through all dimensional time and space, without limitation, and continued to walk upon this earth plane in his luminescent light body.

You dearest children will begin to shine, shine, shine, and walk through the energy frequencies from the third to the seventh dimension with ease. These days that are ahead for this planet can be trying, but it is a part of the liberation of Mother Earth from the third dimensional frequency. And you, dearest children, are also being liberated as we speak. The angels, the archangels in the celestial realm are celebrating the energy of your freedom, for it has been a long journey in your physicality. And yet, you’ve come to bring the energy of peace upon this planet. You’ve come to bring the energy of love upon this planet. You’ve come to bring the energy of renewal upon this planet. And so, dearest ones, as you hold this powerful frequency in the essence of your being, we ask that you now focus upon your third eye, your all-seeing eye, as Dear Horus(?) is here to activate your third eye. The power of the all-seeing eye to penetrate and to move through the limitations of this earth plane, which you may be able to see clearly in your journey.

And so dearest ones, dear Horus is here with us as well as his mother Isis. And so allow dear Horus to reactivate your third eye, so that the clarity of your vision can come forth. This will help each of you to be able to be spiritually liberated, so that your troubles and your worries can now fall aside. As you recall the vision, and become your own prophet, entering these frequencies, which may allow your life path to unfold with grace and ease. We understand the third dimensional frequency is difficult to travel through, and depending on where you are living in this world, the energies can be denser and heavier than in certain regions and ley lines around the planet. Remember, you are riding the wave of the way of freedom and liberation. When you physically transcend, your spirit is able to soar into new third dimensional times and spaces at will. You are able to do this in your physicality, which you are not truly able to remember in your conscious state. Now, dearest children, you will be able to transcend with conscious awareness. This may appear confusing, but I tell you, dearest children, that this new frequency that is upon the planet of peace and love is extremely potent and extremely powerful.

So dearest children, as you step onto this wave of light, you move forward with grace and ease. Because today is a graduation day, it is a celebratory day, it is a day of great excitement. For each of you will be able to move forward into your mission work rather quickly. No longer allowing the third dimensional energies to affect you, and today it is like you are releasing the anchors that are holding you to the third dimension.

And so clearly focus on your third eye, and Horus is here with us. And imagine that you are releasing the anchors that keep you limited to the third dimensional frequency. Allow yourself to live in this world but not of it, simply rise to the higher frequencies, and like an eagle you will have a greater perspective, which you are able to see, feel, sense, and know what is right and true for your own individual lives and for your mission. And so today, dear Horus comes and he sharpens, as they say, your third eye. Being in the powerful frequency of Divine Sophia at Mt. Shasta was very effortless for many of you, for your third eye to be open. And so we bring this same frequency to you today. What is happening is that you are a vortex of your own, you are a powerful vortex, encapsulating an energy field, encapsulated in the light frequency of all that you are. And so this powerful vortex that you are encapsulated within and around and through, is spinning in a counter clockwise fashion, and each of you are being, as we say, recalibrated as we speak.

Do not be afraid of how this will alter your consciousness, for the vision you hold and will continue to carry within your third eye will not be simple, there is nothing to be afraid of, this energy that will be drawn unto you will truly be vision, that is for your highest good and the highest good of your mission. Be not afraid of your own power, be not afraid of your own frequency, stand in the truth of who you are. You are all needed to bring peace and love to this planet, and now as conduits and messengers of light and love and healing, your powers are accelerating. This is of truth. You will never be the same again from this day forward, if you allow the frequencies to truly embody you, for they are the way of liberation and freedom.

The soul’s journey has been long and arduous for many of you, and you’ve gone through cycles and cycles and cycles of change. And you may(?), as we have said, the liberation, the excitement, the enthusiasm of allowing yourself to walk in your crystalline light body of your true Christ Essence. You are here, just as Jeshua, walking on this earth plane, leaving droplets of the energy of peace and love wherever you go. And people will be drawn unto you, will come to you like a magnet, for you are like a beautiful diamond, shining, beautiful, luminescent, lovely and divine. Walking gently upon this earth plane, knowing that this planet will return back to the planet of peace and love in which she was intended, her exalted state of being and restoration. And there in this powerful powerful frequency, you are the diamond light keepers. Your beautiful light is supporting her and helping her to maintain her beautiful frequency in her beautiful exalted state of peace and love. She is so pleased, Mother Earth, with all of you. That you’ve dedicated your lives to help assist her. Week after week after week you come together to support her, to love her, to honor her. Today she honors and anoints you in her beautiful grace, peace and tranquility. It has been long overdue, and yet, in this beautiful month of November 2015, the 11th month, is the perfect energy and the frequency of 11 is about peace.

In Jeshua’s book, the 11th lesson is peace, and how powerful it is to bring and call in this energy of peace in this 11th month. As you come forward and celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving in the United States of America, celebrating freedom, celebrating liberation, uniting and feeling this liberation of your soul, the liberation of your country, the liberation of the planet, know today, Dearest Children, that you are liberated and you see, dearest ones, the anchors that have tied you to this earth plane and all of its problems. You are no longer held captive, it is always up to you, your free will choice, to anchor yourself back into the third dimension. But it is not necessary.

Each of you upon this call have chosen to serve and to be served. Each of you have separate missions, but a collective mission to bring peace and love to this planet. And the holy of the holies are here, and the beautiful energy of the no-names. For they are my guides and teachers, as they are for you as well. At the time when Jeshua moved into his crystalline light body, and moved into the exalted state of his beautiful crystalline frequency, we were all delighted to know and to feel the power of his love and his peace, for he truly comes to bring this powerful frequency for all to feel and to know, and you dearest children, are his disciples, walking this frequency, walking this power, walking into this light, never to be the same again.

As we now begin to work with the energy of Atlantis, on the eastern coast of Florida, we are quite delighted, because the energy grid and the frequencies that are taking place of the coast of the Atlantic Ocean are now rising forward to receive the balance, once again of the balanced masculine and the balanced feminine, in the beautiful continent of Atlantis. You see, dearest children, as the beautiful energy of Lemuria and Divine Sophia has emerged, she has now come forward to embrace the darkness and bring in the energy of light for the illumination, for the harmony and balance to return to this planet. And as Ramu steps forward, calling forth his powerful energy once again, we are making all, including yourself, to return to that exalted state of balance, deep inside of your being.

This is why we come forward with this liberation today, you can now move forward into this balance. This current civilization is in dire need of change. It is in dire need of balancing the masculine and the feminine, and many do not understand this. They see the world as that of control and indeed, there is truth, that there is chaos, but dearest children understand that there is a higher frequency, the greater frequencies of love and peace running now through the ley lines and the grid lines of this planet. Can you feel it, can you sense it? Can you feel the energy of peace within your being? Can you feel the balance? For you, dearest children, and every being, are the messengers, the teachers, the way-showers. It is now on this beautiful beautiful day, your heart opens to the essence of love. Love will heal all, love will conquer all. Never, dearest children, be afraid of the darkness. Stand in your truth. Today it is as if a smoke shield, a smoke screen, has been cleared from you. And you will have great clarity, for Horus is here, as I’ve said, to help you.

These concepts, these energy frequencies may seem to be foreign to you. How does this apply within your daily life? We ask you to allow it to settle into your consciousness, into your sub-consciousness, into your physicality. And your subtle body and subtle energy forms, will now begin to embody these frequencies, evenly and effortlessly. You are now operating in the higher frequencies, and your life will become easier, as if you are floating through air, through time and space.

As we speak, the revolution that is occurring upon this earth plane is occurring very rapidly. I speak of a revolution, for it is the energy of peace and love. Can you feel your body and your mind relaxing into the moment? And being present, no longer worrying about your past, present or future, remaining in the present. Please take a deep breath and release your anxiety about your past, future or present. Live in the now. Dear One, the crystalline light body on this day of liberation will allow you to transcend as I have said, your fears and your worries, so that you may live in the present moment, calling to yourself what you need at this time.

You will draw to yourself these higher frequencies, what is for your highest good at this time will come to you, what is for your highest good will come to you like a magnet, the people, places and things, easily and effortlessly. This is how you operate, in the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensional frequencies. Remaining in the present, focusing on holding this energy frequency. You are a magnet dearest children, and this beautiful balance of Ramu’s energy, of holding the powerful balanced masculine energy, once again to return. Now comes forth, the beautiful energy of Divine Sophia/Divine Feminine comes to support you. This beautiful balance is held within the chambers of your heart, the left and right chambers of your heart will bring forth the balance of the Divine Father/Mother God. Dearest children you are no longer meek, you are no longer aggressive. You are balanced, you are whole, you are loved. You are no longer meek, nor are you any longer aggressive, you are evened out to hold this balance.

Literally, within the right and left chambers of your heart, strengthening your heart, strengthening your mind, strengthening your soul essence, strengthening the energy of your beautiful spirit, many of you are seeking your own twin flames. May we ask you to unite with the Father/Mother God within you. To unify and to connect with your true self. The energy of Father/Mother God within you. You are now to be united with your twin flame, in reality to unify the energy within you, the higher frequencies inside of you. The wholeness and unification, the peace and the love, the contentment within your being shall come forth. And there in that unification where Divine Sophia and Ramu come forward to balance this within you, you are truly able to carry forth with balance of your beautiful spirit, in which you were created. This is the unification of your spirit, now embodied in your new physicality. Living truly as a balanced physical spiritual being. This is why Jeshua allowed his energy, his physical body in many ways to be a vessel of transmutation. He ascended, made that choice, to show the world that the true spirit lives on, the balanced energy remains alive and well.

I know we’ve said this many times but he did not literally die, and he did not die to save your sins or to be your Lord and Savior, he came and ascended into his true spiritual essence, his beautiful luminescent energy of wholeness and unity to show you that it is you, too can be at peace. And that you’re able to do this in your physicality.

And so dearest children, he did not literally die, he lived in his beautiful luminescent light body, just as today, you are all being gifted with this transformation. To return to wholeness. This is the gift of spiritual liberation, this is the gift of freedom, that we offer unto you upon this day. My message is now complete, go in peace.

© 2015 Lea Chapin,, All Rights Reserved.