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Mary Magdalene via Mercedes Kirkel, December 3d

MARY MAGDALENE: How to Commune with Me, Yeshua, and Mother Mary 

Image by Raja Ravi Varma

Received by Mercedes Kirkel

Question: What is the best way to be in deep communion with you, Yeshua, and Mother Mary?


Mary Magdalene: Thank you for this question.


It is different for different people. The first step is to open your heart and to be in your heart. For some people this is natural. Those people understand the pathway of being in their heart and listening to their heart. For others there is some work to do to open the heart and to be able to listen with your heart.


I focused on the steps that may be necessary for people to open to their heart in my first set of messages that I brought through to Mercedes, which are recorded in Mary Magdalene Beckons. This has everything to do with connecting with the Divine Feminine within.


For many people there are things that need healing in order to be open at the heart. The primary arenas that may need healing are your relationship to your body, your sexuality, and your emotions. If there is healing needed in any of these areas, it will likely impede your ability to be in your heart. In order to be in your heart, there may be preliminary work to do of opening any blocks you have in your relationship to your body, your sexuality and your emotions.


Once the heart is open, there is a progression that will occur. Your mind—which includes your lower mind, your rational thinking mind, as well as your subconscious mind of instincts, beliefs, impulses, memories—all of that will relax and will begin to operate in service to the heart, rather than dominating the heart. After that occurs your higher mind will open. Then the union of the higher mind and the heart can take place. At this point it may be through your higher mind that you are connecting to myself, Yeshua, Mother Mary, or whatever your guidance is, as well as through your heart.


Ultimately this becomes a union. The higher mind and the heart come into union, so there is a synthesis of these two. Then there isn’t a separation in your relating, where you feel like you are relating to the heart or the mind. You are relating to both as a whole.


In general, this is the process that people will go through. So you may find yourself at some step along this progression.


Is there something more specific that you wish to know?


Questioner: Will I be able to tell who I am connecting with, and does it matter? [laughter]


Mary Magdalene: It may matter to you.


You can always ask. Always ask about anything that you are unsure of.


The primary guidance for everyone is through their higher self. Additionally, most people have angels and guides who are helping them. You may communicate with these or you may not. It is not necessary that you do so, but for some people it is supportive and helpful.


So you can ask, “Is this my higher self?” “Is this one of my guides?” Is this one of my angels?” “Who is this?” They will let you know.


Questioner: Thank you.


Mary Magdalene: You are welcome.


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