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Mary Magdalene via Mercedes Kirkel, January 16th

MARY MAGDALENE: How the Masculine Can Support the Feminine 

The Lovers

Received by Mercedes Kirkel

Question: How might the Masculine assist and support the Feminine?

Mary Magdalene: Thank you so much for this question.

There is much that the Masculine can do to assist the Feminine, and there is much that the Feminine can do to assist the Masculine. Both are greatly needed.

In answer to your question on what the Masculine can do, it begins with understanding the necessity, value, and importance of the Feminine. This is a healing process in your world because the Feminine has been greatly devalued. For this healing to occur, your world must come out of the place where so much has been confined to the mind, which is the Masculine. For some of you, this is easier. For some of you, this is harder. But most of you have received tremendous training and enculturation to live in and from your mind.

It is not that the mind is bad. Your minds are amazing. Your minds are so valuable. It is just that you are out of balance and need to come into balance with the Feminine. The Feminine is your feeling nature. The Feminine is your connection to your body, energy, sexuality, intuition, and love.

So the first step is to begin to value these aspects of the Feminine and to stop the insistence that only the mind is valuable. Not every individual is necessarily doing this, but in general, your culture does this and has trained you to do so.

For many this work will begin with loving the Feminine within yourself. It will begin with loving your own body and treating your body as a temple. It will begin with healing shame that you carry relative to your own body, which is a plague in your modern world. So many carry so much shame relative to their body.

Valuing the Feminine will happen through falling in love with your energy and your sexuality. It will happen through healing your relationship to any part of yourself that says your energy or sexuality is sinful, evil, dirty, or shameful in any way. You will get to know your energy and your sexuality, and become strong in that. That strength is needed for your spiritual development.

The healing of the Feminine will happen through coming to know your emotions and allowing your emotions. Specifically, you will allow your emotions to do the work they were meant to do of connecting you to God through the Feminine pathway. This, more than anything else, is the process that most are ignorant of today, and it is so needed. Most have instead learned that emotions are to be avoided. Many have learned that being spiritual means not having negative emotions, only to be happy all the time. This is unfortunate, for your emotions are as valuable to you as your mind and as necessary.

So the process for many will be to start to open to emotions and to learn this process, this pathway, of letting your emotions take you to God. Let your emotions do the work that is so needed and which they were meant to do.

All these ways will very likely be the beginning of opening up to the Feminine within yourself and loving this Feminine part of yourself. When that happens, you will be well prepared and in a natural orientation to honor and value the Feminine outside yourself, in all its forms. This will include honoring, championing, and protecting the Earth. It will include honoring and valuing the Feminine in others, in women or in whatever form the Feminine comes.

The Masculine, especially in its higher form, can support the Feminine through being present and offering presence to the Feminine. Often the tendency of the Masculine is to want to help the Feminine by solving problems. But this is not the highest form. It can be valuable, if that is requested, but it is not the highest form. The highest form is to offer your presence and holding, which is a kind of protection at the energetic level. The Masculine creates the container that the Feminine can open within. This is an energetic process.

So this is one of the ways that the Masculine can be a tremendous support for the Feminine. When you learn to do this you will see that it is a great joy. And you will receive the blessings and gifts of the Feminine.

Has this been helpful to you?

Questioner: Yes. Thank you very much for that profoundly simple, yet profoundly significant, answer.

Mary Magdalene: Your future before you is a tremendous uniting of the Masculine and Feminine. It is what I have always had with Yeshua. It is one of the greatest gifts to know this and to live in this. It is unmistakable. As you grow into it and come to know it, it will be your great joy to support one another in this. It is the most natural thing in the world, like the connection between the sun and the earth. You will naturally be drawn to this.

You can support this process of uniting by clearing the blocks you may have developed in relationship to this. That will set the stage for your opening to and receiving this tremendous gift and blessing.


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