Love is our new reality

Mary Magdalene via Zane, October 19th, 2018

Greetings beloved, I Am Mary Magdalene and I am pleased to connect with you today. I want to talk about some of the struggles you are currently going through. There are many of you that are battling those inner demons, the things which you do not like about yourself or maybe some negative habits or traits you would like to get rid of. Beloveds, this does not need to be an uphill battle. You all fight so hard against the things you do not like and in doing that, most of the time you fail to do one thing, you fail to accept those parts of you, those habits you do not like or feel that are not in alignment with yourself. You spend so much time fighting against them that they wear you down and they continue to win the battle.

Dear ones, instead of fighting so hard against these things, accept them, accept that they are part of your life and acknowledge that they have been there to act as a tool for learning and growing. You use and waste so much energy on fighting against them instead of using that energy to love and accept them for what they are and what they have been. My dear children, stop fighting against yourself and that which you do not like about yourself and instead, love every aspect of yourself and acknowledge the great lessons they are, that have been put there to teach you and help you gain wisdom from. Stop fighting yourselves dear ones, instead use your energy to love yourselves unconditionally just like we do, because the more you fight against these things and yourselves the more you are saying that you are not whole and that there is somehing wrong with you, you are Children of The Light dear hearts and that is what you are here to do, you are here to love ALL aspects of yourselves and grow and learn from ALL of the lessons you have put in place for yourself.

Beloveds, stop the inner fighting, stop the inner conflict and LOVE yourselves unconditionally just as all of us in the higher realms do and just as your Mother/Father created you. You were created a Being of love and Light, so treat yourself, your situations and others just as that.

I Am Mary Magdalene and I hope these words touch your heart so that you can open up to the love that you already are. I love you.