Love is our new reality

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Master Hilarion via Elaine DeGiorgio, May 1st,

Sitting in the Sacred I AM Presence with beloved Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I am graced with the Presence of Ascended Master Hilarion.

Greetings Brethren, I Hilarion, greet you all with Love and Peace.

I speak of my life as Saul of Tarsus where I was against the Christ Consciousness within my life – I was blind, I was of the vices, and I was going down the path of my own making…. I had succumbed to the path of my own making.

It was like I I fought with fury the light that would deliver me was my longing to be free. It was a question of polarization. And when men are polarized to the anti-Christ Consciousness position, then all is lost, blindness becomes the way of man, and many become stuck inside the old paradigm. It was when I was blessed by the Light of the Christ within my Heart and connected with my Christed Self and connected with God, then I became free, like a bird flying in the sky. This is what happened to me on the road to Damascus. I became free, I gained my sight and was able to see within and all around me.

I became more than Saul (Soul) I became Paul – I became renewed and ready for my mission.

This my brethren is what it is like when you come to service, when you connect with your hearts to fulfill the work that lies ahead of you, when you shine your light for all to see your beauty, yes your inner beauty.

You release yourself from the outlook of the material world and you become more connected with the inner connectivity of your heart and with your Spirit – with your Higher Self and Higher Good.

The path that you take when you enter into Service is not an easy one, but it can be a blessing.

Know that we are working with the earth, we are staying with those who hold the Light in the earth. And we draw the line of Truth. The Truths of the Universe are coming forth once more.

Many of us are among you all at this time – it is time for us to anchor the love the light the healing rays on to Mother Earth.

Ever I AM your brother on the Path, consoling you, walking with you, conferring with you, discussing the mysteries of scriptures and the Truths of the Universe as they come forth to you all now.

I AM Hilarion and I speak through Elaine this day.

Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio