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Master St. Germain – The “Silent Majority” Ends Their Silence, May 17th, 2024


Conversation with Master St. Germain

People will wake up en masse at the right moment and unmistakably say NO, STOP and STOP! Not with us! Everything is aimed at this grandiose moment in the contemporary history of mankind! This is what you now have to properly assess and foresee in order to keep your nerves and to persevere.

The “silent majority” ends its silence!

The effectiveness of the silent

JJK: Is there a “silent majority”? Is the tipping point related to the loudness of this “silent majority”? I often have the impression that many more people, than visible at first glance, have been fed up with the system, that is, the lies of the media, the incompetence of politicians or the stupidity of “experts”! Only, you can’t hear them because they suffer silently, because they usually just don’t know a way out. What if this silent majority gets up? Is that what we are waiting for and what is ultimately crucial?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: It is not necessary to wait for the development of power of the silent, because even a silent majority has power and effectiveness. It is a mistake to consider the silence of many people to be consent or to be a powerlessness that could not be overcome. A silent protest can have much more effect than all the demonstrations in the world combined.

You just have to do it right and do it right means not to participate in the system wherever possible. Getting out in everyday life, that’s what matters.

JJK: Now many people are fraught with great existential worries. People are slowly but surely being taken away from everything. The financial difficulties are also serious in our latitudes and more and more people simply can no longer afford life. Of course, I am aware that certain forces deliberately drive this system to the wall, that they deliberately let people starve, just so that they accept every new, even if inhumane measure, in the end. At some point, man is so softly tapped that he has only one thing in mind: to survive somehow! This speculates these forces that people and the world believe to be keeping a close grip at the moment. I am well aware of that.

My question is: People who are constantly struggling with survival no longer have the opportunity to get out of the system, because they can no longer participate in the system anyway. What is the solution here?

The jumping point

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: Your consideration is incomplete. Because someone who can no longer participate in the system due to the reasons you mentioned is open to change. If you have nothing more to lose, you risk and dare things that were unimaginable under normal circumstances. The old rulers of the system rely on this. They rely on the fact that the expropriated and disenfranchised person is easy to control and will accept every risk for his survival. They expect that in the end the “New World Order” with all the inhumanity it brings with it will be accepted and accepted by people. That’s the point now, because:

The silent majority will reject exactly this last act of enslavement.

People will wake up en masse at the right moment and unmistakably say NO, STOP and STOP! Not with us! Everything is aimed at this grandiose moment in the contemporary history of mankind! This is what you now have to properly assess and foresee in order to keep your nerves and to persevere.

The dark elites expect that the smaculfed humanity will give in small in the end. This is a gross misjudgment, because even if this corresponds to the pattern of past epochs, we live in a completely different quality of time today.

The silent majority has been supplied with enlightenment impulses by the divine light of the CENTRAL SUN for years. This was the preparation for what is coming now: the awakening of the part of humanity required for ascension.

What precedes these days is that more and more people voluntarily leave the system or are forced to leave.

Both act as amplifiers for the clarifying processes that are necessary for the promotion.

JJK: In Austria, we were able to experience this when the government introduced the corona vaccination obligation. People already climbed on the barricades before, but after the introduction of this madness there was no stopping. I saw people at the corona demonstrations who have certainly never been at a demonstration all their lives. Was this already a foretaste of the “silent majority” that suddenly showed the flag loudly?

MEISTER ST. GERMAIN: This was the overture for what now follows. Because the silent are indeed a majority and this power will lead all the plans of the dark elites ad absurdum. The timeline towards which the new humanity is moving has been designed for decades, designed by people who experience a touch with the light of the CENTRAL SUN and have thus slowly transformed internally. Now these sleeping giants are gradually being awake or awakened by the storms of this time. This makes the difference and turns the game at the end.

GOD’S plan with the earth is its rise and not its downfall! Internalise this deep in your hearts! Do not pay attention to the doubters or their own doubts!

Will there be a collective awakening?

JJK: That means, although I have to realize again and again how numb the people I encounter in everyday life are, there will be a collective awakening.

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: To the extent necessary for the ascent, the awakening of the human collective will take place. The fact that many people have chosen a different path and will not swing up in this time of grace remains unaffected. However, the mass awakening will also be recognizable as such.

It becomes visible what has already been announced during the corona deception in some countries: The silent majority ends their silence!

JJK: It feels like we are about to face this “big finale”?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: Immediately, yes! The year 2024 will set the course. Towards the end of next year, the victory of light will be felt and within reach for the first time. That’s how it is and so be it!

I’m on earth, I’m in the middle of you today.

In perfect love