Matthew Ward via Susan Ward, August 19th

Matthew Ward – August 19, 2016

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. With nominees for United States president set in stone, or so it would seem, it is understandable that you are asking how it is possible for Bernie Sanders to become that country’s next president.

Our last message didn’t enumerate the scenarios that Earth’s monitors in Nirvana are keeping an eye on because we were waiting to tell you the only one with significance, the one that has gained unstoppable momentum. None has. Therefore, we shall tell you the various possibilities that affect Sanders and the two major parties’ nominees—energy around other contenders is too weak to materialize streamers with development potential.

The universe’s constant balancing act provides ways to resolve a blockage in an energy field, and that is what’s happening here. The preponderance of energy generated around Sanders is positive even though he is not a presidential nominee; the energy generated around Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, who are nominees, is predominantly negative. The overall energy investment, which comprises the thoughts and feelings of the populace, produced countless streamers and they are darting about in the collective consciousness. To bring order out of that chaos, the energy coalesced into various scenarios that represent the total investment and each has the potential to unblock the field and enable the energy around Sanders to flow in the direction it was given, toward the presidency.

Now, the scenarios. Clinton’s private dealings with other nations while she was Secretary of State or her complicity in irregularities in the Democratic party’s primaries could be disclosed. Some of her sworn statements under oath could be shown as the falsehoods they are. The sources and uses of Clinton Foundation funds or her long-time Illuminati affiliation could be revealed. Any one of those would officially disqualify her as a nominee, and her health issue could disqualify her physically. If any of those scenarios attains unbeatable dominance, Sanders will replace Clinton on the ballot and win the election. Or, she could remain in the race, citizens who are dissatisfied with her and Trump could join Sanders’ supporters in electing him via write-in votes. And, since this energetic situation still is unsettled, other possibilities could arise that will put him in the White House.

Any of those departures from the country’s traditional procedures at this stage of the process would be unusual, to be sure. However, few would call the 2016 political campaigns “business as usual,” so Sanders’ return to the presidential arena with the person he wants as vice president may not be all that surprising.

Eventually the populace will understand that this was simply the workings of energy—the vibrations supported Mr. Sanders personally and as the people’s choice. This will be understood as well in its much larger context: It is part and parcel of the ongoing momentous change as corruption and oppression give way to freedom and upliftment of the entire civilization.

Resistance also is part of this transformation because fear of change is inherent in third density consciousness. Dark souls are fearful of losing their hold over the many who are fearful about conditions that the dark ones have created or controlled— fear energy of the many is what keeps the dark ones going— but efforts to retain the status quo will be futile. All intentions and conditions in low vibratory levels will continue to disintegrate as vibrations keep rising.

You are accustomed to reading “love,” “peace” and “unity” in messages from light sources. Have you noticed how often these words are used by national, civic and religious leaders, individuals interviewed on newscasts, and chanting crowds holding placards with the words boldly printed? Like everything else in existence, words are energy, and spoken or written, they emit vibrations that attract more of their kind—the universal law of attraction—and in all of your languages, love, peace and unity have the highest vibrations. Now that these words are being used frequently around the world, their powerful reverberations are awakening the peoples.

“I think of myself as a searcher for truth. I don’t know if this is the same as ‘light worker,’ but it seems there should be more to that than wanting to know what is true and what isn’t. My question is, what is a light worker and how does anyone know if they are?”Thinking of yourself as a searcher for truth and asking about lightworkers shows that you are on the same pathway they are, just not as far along on your journey.

Being discerning as to what information is truthful and what is not is an important part of enlightenment, of self-discovery; however, much more important than relying on external sources for answers is asking within, where all truth is known. The answers, which are messages from soul-level to the consciousness, come as intuition, instinct, conscience, inspiration and aspiration. When you heed the answers you receive, perhaps as strong sensations or images or words in your mind’s eye or a voice in your mind, your life flows smoothly. This signifies that your decisions and actions are aligned with choices you made in your soul contract prior to birth.

We made quite a leap from your question, so let us return to it. A simple description of lightworker is a person who lives in godly ways—God made it simpler still:  Be kind. Millions of people around the world who haven’t heard the word lightworker nevertheless are by sharing their time, skills, money and other resources with those in need. Although we say light worker , what those individuals and all who do identify themselves as such actually are doing is serving the light by  living within it.

Light, the same energy as love just expressed differently, is radiated by acts of kindness and attributes like honesty, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, generosity; by being nonjudgmental and open to considering others’ perspectives while staying true to one’s own principles and values.  Radiated light uplifts others—the ripple effects of a genuine smile, a comforting hug or an encouraging word are immeasurable—and light  within imparts a sense of peacefulness, optimism and self-confidence, not with hubris, but humility. When lightworkers encounter challenges, they know their inner strength and determined spirit will carry them through as they continue helping society move ever closer to the greater glories of Earth’s Golden Age, when all peoples will know that every life form on the planet is inseparably connected with all others.

Our suggestion to all newcomers to spiritual information is to read the guidance recently offered to a gentleman who identified himself as “an awakening soul.” Mother, please add the date of that message. [ May 19, 2016 ] Thank you.

“It has been said many times by different channelers that after we go from this life, we go to a much better place. That spirit guides await for us to help us and guide us. So, can you explain this for me?” Indeed, Nirvana  is a much better place in myriad ways for people who lived in accordance with their soul contracts, but they don’t need spirit guides there. Guides, your guardian angel and others in the angelic realms, souls with whom you are bonded in love, and members of other civilizations are God’s emissaries who, unseen, help you  during your Earth lifetime. Awaiting your arrival in Nirvana are persons you know and are dear to you.

Each soul has a unique frequency, and moments prior to death of the body, it sends a special signal that is received by all with whom that soul has love bonds. The welcoming party can be family and friends in any lifetime, not only those in your immediate past life who preceded you to a spirit world, even if they have embodied again on the planet or in another civilization. Because you will transition from an Earth lifetime, you will reunite with those loved ones and your dear pets in Nirvana; however, reunions can take place anywhere in this universe where the energy corresponds to the souls’ vibrations.

“I just read the message where Matthew said the soul is liberated from people when they enter Nirvana. What does that mean? Where do the souls go?” The soul is liberated from—or, not affected by—any damage to the person’s etheric body or psyche. The etheric and physical bodies are so closely aligned that any illness or injury the physical body sustains also affects the etheric body, and emotional traumas experienced during the lifetime remain in the psyche, thus people enter Nirvana with those conditions. During the healing process, which is customized to meet the needs of each person, the soul can go wherever it wishes at the same time it is with the person—it IS the person!

Souls, the pure love-light essence of Creator, are energy fluctuating at higher vibratory levels than etheric bodies and much higher than the density of physical bodies, so souls  always are “liberated” and can be wherever they wish simply by the thought of being there. That is why during a person’s sleep time, the soul may visit those with whom it has love bonds, perform light service in worlds where that kind of assistance is needed, or enhance its spiritual and conscious awareness by studies in advanced civilizations.

Beloved brothers and sisters, as aspects of Creator, the omniscient, omnipotent and eternal I AM Oneness of All, you always have had unlimited potential to manifest  whatever you wish. That capability is inherent in the makeup of the soul, and as you continue evolving, you will be able to produce what you now think of as miracles.



Suzanne Ward
Website: The Matthew Books


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