Dear Lightworkers, Lightwarriors and Lightbearers,

Our previous meeting in Cambridge on September 21st was much appreciated by all attendees. We decided to have an other meeting in October before Per Staffan is shifting living quarters to Europe during the winter and leading more meetings in Sweden. We will have more meetings in Boston in the spring. 

Our local NorthEast Sananda chapter is pleased to invite you to a physical meeting in Lowell, Massachusetts, USA, on October 26th at 3 pm to 7 pm. As last time, we might end the meeting with a light dinner, not included in the fee.

The meeting will be held in a private home in Lowell.  For reasons of privacy the exact address will only be given out to attendees who register with us and preferably pay in advance. (Free Parking is available).

We are now reaching a critical stage of developments in the outer world. We are likely to see sensational development in regards to corruption and treason as the war between Congress and the White House heats up. It will critical important to keep our calm as detached observers and continue with our inner developments of raising vibration. 

To this effect we will have a mix to offer at the meeting, from a presentation by Per Staffan, to guided mediation(s) led by Karen Vivenzio. We will also have discussions and opportunities to pose questions. 

Our Presentation and discussion agenda will include

  • Our true history and God’s Plan
  • Our ascension process and symptoms
  • The war between dark and the light
  • Political and economic developments
  • Take down of the deep state (cabal)
  • Our road forward including RV/GCR, NESARA and GESARA
  • Other


Registration to attend meeting:

Send an email to Per Staffan to register your interest.


Payments in advance:

Paypal: USD 25

Payments need to be done at least 3 days in advance of the meeting to email


Cash Payments

Need to be made at the entrance and before the start of the meeting: USD 30


We wish you most welcome,

Per Staffan