Love is our new reality

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Méline Portia Lafont ~ Solstice Portal in Neptune energies, June 20

Blessings to all, Love tribe.
Well it is most definitely clear that we have taken another major leap towards oneness and the SELF expression in unity. Step by step we are making use of magical momentums where these leaps are granted to us, if not created for and by us as Universal Master Beings. I think you will all agree when I say that we have changed and shifted a lot since the last blood moon, the solar and moon eclipses and the March Equinox.
Many have said that this past equinox would be a significant shift of reality perception as well as a leap towards the light body activation. And so it is! We have experienced this, as a matter of fact we still are experiencing this. It goes so deep, even into every fiber of our being in all levels of creation and expression. I, for one, am very aligned and resonating with this message that has been shared through many of us as scribes and beings that the past equinox was all about actualization and activating the Light body. I AM still experiencing this very vivid in my day to day life, as I now increasingly live moment to moment. I know many of you will relate to that as well.
For those who are also on board of that experience of light body actualization, perhaps you might feel off at times and not on board of this Earthly plane. This because you are living simultaneously more and more in other realities. We call this the multidimensional being and that is what you experience as of now, on a more conscious level WITH this physical body. Your cells have been upgraded, so to say, to a more crystalline vibration thus this has now become your resonance field which in itself attracts the more multidimensional experiences in your “vivid” minds and hearts of this body.
Remember: all is resonance and vibration as you blend with the waves of consciousness.
And so, as “intense” as it already is, more is to come, rapidly reaching an even more intense wave. It is what we have designed for ourselves, referring to those who are ready and partaking in this specific wave of consciousness acceleration. As pioneers we hold the higher frequencies within and thus the theoretical phase blends now into a practical phase.
I feel that this Solstice portal is going to be a marker of another acceleration level of what we already have been shifting and integrating within since the last equinox, the blood moon and the eclipses which will be guiding this all forth into a more practical and actualization level. This being said, the Solstice portal is a marker in between the equinox and the upcoming final blood moon (on september 27th), actualizing and bringing things more into “form” of the already integrated initiations and energies of the past portals in March and April. You could say that this Solstice is crystalizing already certain integrated levels into “form” or manifestation while making a way for newer ones to come. Things are taking on forms in your life, although it will still be unseen for many. Yet when you travel to your heart and take a moment to be there in stillness, you may recognize this to surely be the case as you have a momentum of alignment where you are one with the experience of this actualization that is taking form/place in your Earthly reality as we speak.
That is why so many of you are feeling in between worlds as well. On one hand ready to shift and expand into a new level of consciousness, filled with ideas, desires and creations.. while on the other hand already out of this 3D world but still closing some things in that reality. Yet you come to find that you are not “fully” partaking in either of these Dimensions as of yet. You are getting there (5D) and in most cases, you in fact are already there. As you cannot perceive this yet, you are now exploring and exercising your brain and perception senses at the same time to recognize the fact of already being there (5D) as it takes a moment to reprogram a mind that has been running on the same old imposed program for many eons of your time. On top of this it takes more than recognizing this for it also demands of you to simply accept this to be fact as well. It is like kneading a structure into another form.
More will we be brought to the inner planes as Neptune is retrograde during this event and so is Saturn. What Neptune brings is a beautiful shift and opportunity to go even more within as Neptune’s energies invite you to step into your inner journey and live/experience it from that space of awareness and being.
A spiritual octave is added to this Solstice portal with beautiful spiritual Neptune.
As I finish typing this message, my attention is brought to the clock saying 22:22. What a beautiful addition to end this article.
Wishing you a most beautiful solstice portal, stay well, BE well and Love to all
Méline Portia Lafont <3
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Méline Lafont 2012 – 2015, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered and