Membership Update – 5 new messages now available, July 30th, 2020


The following 5 new messages are now available as of July 30th for members only:


Mary Magdalene via Beatrice Madsen

Archangel Michael via Kerstin Eriksson

Mother Mary via Kerstin Eriksson

Sirius via Zane Morgan

Saint Birgitta via Kerstin Eriksson


In order to view and have access you need to be registered and logged in as a member. Please go to membership area on the home page or login from the login button next to the message. You might have to scroll down a page or two in order to find the membership messages, since newer ones might have been added since.

Love and Light,

Per Staffan


p.s.  Yearly membership:

Some of you have had technical difficulties with monthly paypal membership payments. It is now possible for you to pay once per year ($108) rather than once a month ($9). In order to put this in place you will need to contact Per Staffan at and let him know about your wishes.