Love is our new reality

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Message for March Equinox via Solara An-Ra, February 26th

Message for March Equinox 2016

by Solara An-Ra

Light tribe of Gaia, we come at this Equinox juncture to bring an assessment of the Earth energies and your evolution. And our purpose is, as always, to raise your frequency. The easiest way to achieve this is to bring good news, is it not? When you feel encouraged, hopeful, reassured, this leads to a lifting of those emotional states which do the opposite – anxiety, stress and hopelessness, which lower your vibration – the corollary of which are to attract yet more negativity. And so we will focus on the good news, which is always there if you search it out.

When, Like Pollyanna, you look for the positive in every situation, you attract more of that which pleases you – and so we will uplift you with the glad tidings that we detect regarding your evolution into 5-D. The good news is this: What we perceive in your planet’s atmosphere at this time is a lifting of the density of your fourth dimension. This is being achieved through the progressively larger numbers of your people letting go of negative belief structures that are based on untruths.

We will name 3 significant lies that are being dissolved in your present time-line: –

Firstly: ‘Women are the weaker sex.’ This blatant untruth was seeded as far back as the collapse of Atlantis, when the dark lords succeeded in compromising the confidence of the people in the priestess orders. In the cycles of time you have experienced on Earth, the power of the Goddess has regained its former strength in many civilisations, only to be crushed again by the patriarchal powers who sought to take control. Right now on your planet, there is a joyful uprising of the Goddess energy, acknowledged by both sexes. This is dissolving the collective pain of your fairer sex which has been held in 4-D – and this is good news, is it not? The belief in the beauty and power of women is being restored, and it is as if a cloud is dissipating that allows the sun to shine through into your world once more.

The second untruth being dissolved is that ‘you are a victim of your circumstances.’ You are never a victim, people of Terra. You are always in control of your destiny. Despite the circumstances into which you were born; despite the experiences of your childhood; you are always the masters of your destiny – for you have been given the gift of free will. And this gift allows you to choose your thoughts; to use your emotions as a guidance system; to perceive the world through the eyes of love rather than fear. You are always able to look to the light and not the shadows; you are always able to choose whether to be self-serving or to be of service to your tribe. Truly, you are designed to blossom into the awareness of the truth of existence known as self-realisation. Your consciousness awakens through the chakric wheels that are part of the human design – that which differentiates you from more simplistic forms of life. These new beliefs have already blossomed in millions of you – and in this very now moment, there are more still letting go of victim consciousness. Poof! Another lie collapses, and the clouds lift even further.

Thirdly: ‘There is not enough for everyone.’ This is a negative belief that was seeded to propagate fear, greed and scarcity consciousness – and it is in every way a falsehood dear ones. Yes, there is a need to be respectful of the resources of your planet, and to work in loving cooperation with her. But there are resources as yet untapped that will solve the energy crises that concern you – and there is much knowledge still hidden from you that when revealed will bring solutions for your survival and your prosperity. The calamities that present themselves to you will ultimately lead your civilisation to the hidden truths, for the truth must and will come to light in the end. It is decreed that your people will know the truth of all things in the generations to come. You are on an upward spiral in your evolution, and nothing and no one can stop this expansion.

These 3 examples of lies that are imploding demonstrate our point beautifully – that the fear-based collective consciousness which holds the 4-D blanket over your world is dissipating – as the truths become clear to you, new beliefs are seeded and your path towards fifth dimensional consciousness opens up, like the yellow brick road to the promised land.

Know this, dear ones – that your individual state of mind matters, more than you can imagine. Each one of you who steps towards positivity, relinquishing the negative beliefs and patterns of your forefathers and mothers, opens an energetic pathway for others to follow. You are the paradigm shifters. You are the way-showers. And you do this first and foremost by changing your own way of thinking. Your thoughts and beliefs are the primary substrate, the soil into which the seeds of higher consciousness can blossom. Start by reinforcing the truths that negate the above deceptions. In these days that lead towards the March equinox, and in your ceremonies on the day, we ask you to say the following affirmations – for this will speed up the process of the healing of your world stupendously, and you will be achieving your soul purpose by being of assistance to your tribe:

1.) ‘The power and beauty of women is acknowledged world-wide!’ This affirmation, along with the visualisation of strong, happy, liberated women across your planet, will heal so much suffering in the collective consciousness of your planet. The power of women is not a power over the male species. The strength of the Goddess is a natural truth of existence; part of the yin-and-yang of the principles of life.

2.) ‘I am the master of my destiny!’ This truth brings you into a feeling of excited anticipation – of the opportunities awaiting you for love, happiness and abundance. You choose to look at the light; to take the next step towards achieving your dreams; to know that the universe is working in cooperation with you whenever you believe that you can succeed.

3.) ‘There is enough for everyone!’ This certainty dissolves scarcity consciousness and universal fear of lack. Visualise the abundance of water in the ocean; the infinity of stars in the night sky. As your society self-corrects and begins to work in cooperation with the natural world and all nations are forced to band together in the big re-think of life that planet earth is experiencing, competition and selfishness dissipates.

You are all one. We are all one. We are made from the stars; we are made in the image of the creator. And as we all remember the bliss and joy of the one-heart that rules all universes, we rejoice once more in the unity consciousness that heals all ills. Love is all there is dear ones. Truly, love is all there is. And so it is. Namaste.