Solara An-Ra, July 12


Solara An-Ra ~ Activating the Prana Tube ~ becoming a Frequency Keeper

Recorded live in an Ibiza meditation class ~ so better without head phones as there is a bit of interference 🙂
‘Your intention to be love-centred and to be of service, right now, is allowing you to be a frequency keeper of the highest vibration possible in this moment. Right now, you are assisting in healing & activating your human tribe, and in the process you are, of course, healing & activating yourselves. Doing this practice (prana tube activation) assists you in letting go of drama, and your tendencies to be energetically hooked into the drama of any other person or persons – and so if you enjoy drama, this is not a practice for you – whereas if you choose to be more often in peace, balance & joy, then this is a practice for you, designed to help you access your multi-dimensionality, your higher abilities – designed to allow you to be frequency keeper and transmitter.’
Download the sound file & read the written transcript with the original longer introduction


Love love love
Solara An-Ra
Magic Weaver & Frequency Keeper 🙂