Love is our new reality

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Message from Ashtar and Sananda via Galaxygirl – with VIDEO, February 24, 2018

Young Lightworkers Channel – Ashtar and Sananda via galaxygirl 2-24-18

Published on Feb 26, 2018

Hello friends and family, family of the light who are “rocking it” as you say. I am Ashtar of the Galactic Federation, and let me tell you friends, the view of your lights that you are sharing with the world are glorious to see and to experience.

Gaia thanks you for sharing your light with her form and we thank you as well, for it continues to increase the planetary vibratory rate which only assists further with ascension, yours and Gaia’s. Of course the dark ones, the confused ones, who cannot remember themselves at their source of origin, are shocked and enraged at this, yes, so I tell you to please keep doing it! Keep sharing your light and infuse it with the violet fire and throw some ascension codes of resurrection fire in there too for good measure.

Send it to the crystal core of your lovely planet and send it to the dark ones. Remember we have all played dark roles, that is, those of us who have been embodied in the great game.

Fortunately for us and for those reading this who are awake and aware of what is really going on, are astute enough to share and to shine and to pray and to be and become their highest spark light in this Now moment; this moment of all moments, on the eve or the crest of ascension, is why you are here, wherever you are on this beautiful globe – here, now. Breathe this in. As of yet you don’t recall the astounding number of lives, of heart aches, of battles fought and won and lost – but all of it, all of this rich tapestry of your own making that makes you – you – is why you are here now. You’ve earned it! And you not disappointing!

I am trying to encourage you in this, for yes, this has been quite the long road and quite the journey with many twists and turns of plot lines that could not be anticipated. It is essential ground team, that you continue to carry on just as you have been, but we would say to start to team up more. For you are strongest together and intentions and vibrations are amplified in this way. But you know this, and many of you are guiding the grounded ones in mass mediation. I am here to tell you today that it is working and working very well, and we all are cheering you on from the bleachers and the rafters! For you are surrounded completely by our love light. Open up to it. We are here for you.

I believe Sananda has a few words for you. It has been my pleasure and honor to speak with you tonight. Until next time. I am your Ashtar.

Friends and family! I greet you all with a warm and solid hug from me now. Can you feel it in my words that this one is frantically typing? It is true! These words are infused with my essence, with myself, just as your words and actions carry your own unique energy signature. Feel me near you, and know that I am ever here for you for consultation, for support and to know that all is well.

We have been through rough patches before and oh, the memories we have made together and will make together as you all begin to have real tools in front of you to work with of the monetary nature. I see many big hearts and open hands in this group and it warms my heart, for even all that you have been through – all of the persecutions in this and former lifetimes you have chosen well. For you have chosen love, you have chosen me. Remember your task is to find your God spark in the sea of forgetfulness that has been formerly known as Earth, but will be renamed as Nova Gaia and you are creating this. It is a miracle to see.

I am your Sananda. I am your brother, your friend. It is time to make peace with the pieces of yourself you would rather ignore. Embrace those parts of you as lessons that you have grown and expanded from, and now offer you the opportunity to share your light with. They do not define you. Let them go. Let me help you with them – it is one of my specialties. Breathe in the Christ love-light and breathe it out and all at once you are connected with the love-light grid. That’s how it works. Darkness cannot live here for the light acknowledges all things. And you my friends are that light!

I am here with you. You have all the support that Heaven can offer. We are standing by ever on call for our grounded ones. You are loved beyond measure, beyond your current imaginings. I leave you now with hope and promise of a new bright future stretching out ahead of you, my friends. It is time for you to come home. It is time to bring home to Gaia, in all of her beauty and eternal patience for she is ready – beyond ready – to be reunited with the higher realms.

That is all for now. Feel my hearty embrace and be in joy! For we are there my friends! And we are with you. Eternally.