Message from Fairies of the Ascended Dragon World via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, April 7th, 2019

Message from Fairies of the Ascended Dragon World (4/7/19) | Galaxygirl

Fairies of the Ascended Dragon World 4/7/2019


We are the fairies of the ascended dragon world, offering our vibrations of healing to you this moment of this new now, where all is becoming crystalline, pure and bright. We fairies offer our condolences for the losses that you have experienced along your journey, but know that they will be replaced with light, with the new, with better experiences that are just waiting to be made manifest, and so do you see that not all is really, truly lost? We fairies of the dragon world perhaps look a bit different in form and face from your fairies on Gaia, dear Gaia, for she is famous here as well do you see? Do you see that she is an integral part of this and you who reside upon and within are as well, for your are shifting the vibrational encodements for all in this quadrant of the universe and it is tremendously exciting for us, for all, as we watch and bear witness to these massive intraplanetary and extraplanetary advancements.

We work closely with the crystals. We guard them and hone their frequency, polishing them up when needed. We are guardians of the inner light of the crystals that hold valuable healing tones that we are transmitting to you now, humans embodied in this now, on dear Gaia. Plant your feet upon Gaia that she may benefit. Open up your inner hearing, your inner knowing and allow these codes in, these encodements of crystalline humming, of high vibration from the dragon world that offers its magic and healing. Feel your crown swirl open and spin, feel the space within you. Suddenly you are larger, suddenly all seems possible, for it is. And we are inviting you to come up to the crystal cave of the dragon world where many of us are residing, and slip into the dark water by faith. And now float and open your eyes. You see the fluorescent glow of many colored stalagmites and stalactites over your sweet heads. And you realize that the water is glowing as well, for they are deep within the water reaching up lovingly to you, changing the vibratory healing of the water that is warm and sweet, pure and good. Drink the water. Listen to the singing of the crystals as they beckon you homeward towards the higher dimensional realities that are your true home as royal emissaries of the light, of the Christed light and violet flame which you are sharing with the others so bravely and selflessly in your current realm of stirring sediment, that is rending in two. For that is what we see. We see the rending of the dark, cold, earthen realm from the glorious ascended crystalline body of paradise that is the New Gaia, the New Earth. And we see those who choose the drifting sediment and dark muck to be transmuted away and we see those who remain joyously blinking their eyes and glowing in more light.

We see many things. We are wise, we are small, we are many, we love you so much. We offer our loving greeting to the New Gaian fairies this day, bridging the realms yet in another capacity, for we are the healers of the dragon world, tuning, honing the rocks and crystals, healing the florescent huge flowers that shine and open with glee every morning, meeting our sun with newness of spirit. We are continually healing and making better. We offer our knowledge to the New Gaian Fairies and wish to form allegiance and solidarity with them, for we are of the same energy signature, and we do love you all so much.

We are the fairies of the dragon world here to offering our service to humanity who is ascending in this most sacred now of reunion of worlds, of realities, of realms, of vibratory frequencies that had seemed lost but are being found. For all is truly within, all is not lost but had been forgotten, swept aside. Now is the time of remembering who you really are human friend, of who you truly are, have been and always will be. For you are warriors of the light, of the Christed flame and we lend our light and healing towards you now extending our little hands to you in service as do so many who surround your skies in this now. If you could but see you would laugh with glee and joy and pure raw excitement! For it is happening – it is happening – it is happening – it is here now – it is within you. Do you hear the clarion call of the Great Mother calling you home to her embrace, her awaiting hug of pure love? It is here, it is within you, and when you tap into it and remember, you will remember you are truly home, you always have been and you have never truly left – for home of the higher realms is within you. These crystal waters that you are floating in now are helping you remember, helping you see, and are a lovely place for you to come visit. We welcome you truly to these caves of the ascended dragon world if you are of a pure intention you are most welcome. Any friend of Elthor and Alisheryia is a friend of ours, for we love them so, and we love you as well. Peace, light and joy be yours this day, for always. We are the fairies of the higher realms of the dragon world, of the ascended dragon collective. Be at peace.

~ galaxygirl