Elthor, Alisheryia, and the Ascended Dragon Collective via Galaxygirl, April 7th, 2019

Elthor, Alisheryia, and the Ascended Dragon Collective (4/7/19) | Galaxygirl

Elthor, Alisheryia & the Ascended Dragon Collective 4/7/2019

Greetings human, we are the Ascended Dragon collective. I am Elthor, speaking on behalf of my friends and family tonight. I am that I am, just as you are that you are. We are one. We are the same Source but different aspects. We all can teach each other many things. One is continually evolving, learning, if one chooses the path of light and of wisdom. Not all have chosen this. So be it. They have decided their fate. Their fate will be a toasty one. You, my human friends, are headed with feet pointed straight ahead on your path of the straight and narrow, following your faith, your higher self nudges. Human, these are good signs. Your ears, your eyes and your hearts must be open to these nudges of deeper eternal truths that have been blanketed – covered – from your inner sight and knowing for far too long. Feel your forehead space open, twist and relax, letting in more higher dimensional energies. And such is the case now with what is happening when you meditate, when you open up yourselves to the higher energies that are permeating all living things on Gaia in this very now, bombarding her body with light, with more power to break the matrix chains.

Blast your violet fire and break these chains with us, the Ascended Dragon Collective. We delight in blasting, using our fiery breath, our power, for it is an expression of our higher purpose to be trailblazers of the light, cleaning and clearing and restoring all that is not into all that it was intended to be. Many humans that you see are not what they appear to be, human. They are deceivers. Their fate is sure, their lives are to be cut short. Much change is coming. You are that change. Be the light, human. No need for fear. The time of boot quaking is long past. For you are warriors of old, returned into this precious, fragile time-space to lend your power, your sword, your light, to vanquish the dark and to instigate a new area, one of light, of love and of the Christed breath of the cosmos that has finally come to this quadrant to be re-anchored for good. Sananda started this process, planting Christed light seeds. You are here to reap and to witness the reaping of the harvest and to lend your light and mettle, to create something new with your god breath, your creative powers and your vision, bridging higher dimensional pathways from what you have already experienced into what you are about to experience. For you are the envisioners, the torch bearers, the light showers.

I Elthor, and I Alisheryia, see with the wise golden eyes of the Source light. We see you. We see those who would attempt to deceive. They have nowhere to hide. We see the truth within all . We see love and light within this group of enlightened warriors who have chosen to be united with the Christed light. I Elthor, and I Alisheryia, breathe on you, human. We breathe our Christed light codes onto you now. This one is having spontaneous crying and coughing. Let the energy in. Let it rush through you. Let it become you. Let it envelop you. You are Christed light bearers of the violet flame. Open your hearts wide and see with the wisdom of the innate intelligence of the heart, of the true intelligence that is of love, of grace, of compassion, of wisdom, of inner knowing. We ascended dragons support you fully, oh ascending one. Call upon us often. We delight to once again partner with our human friends of the light. We are one. Yes we look different but if you look within human, you will learn that you too cannot be fooled. For to try to fool a dragon is pure folly, just as is seeing anything without the wisdom of the heart. And so it is. I Elthor, and I Alisheryia, invite you to our world tonight, to the healing crystal caves in our kingdom were vivid fluorescent colors dominate the landscape, the crystals sing soothing harmonics and you can stretch your wings once again. Be at peace.

I Alisheryia speak now, lending my feminine energies to this lovely message from my consort, Elthor. Human, rapid changes are streaming into your reality, fast and furiously. I know you feel these energies for they are all around you. Many of you have been transmuting at a rapid clip, exhausted, processing a multitude of others’ pain, feelings and dross. When you feel this, call upon us, the Ascended Dragons to assist with burning away all that does not serve and to assist you in your transmutative process. We are especially good at this, as are you, human lightworkers. But even the strongest of us can use a helping hand, which is what we are offering to this community of light.

I Alisheryia, see all things clearly. I hold within me the divine encodements of the feminine. It is time for this rebalancing to occur across your surface world, with great purpose and tenacity. Equality must become the norm for this realm. For too long has the masculine energy been misguided, abusive and out of alignment with its intended purpose. The dark wielded this mighty power from balance to disharmony, twisting the hearts of men and creating fear in the women. Women do not have to repeat this mistake. No. It is a time of balance, of love, of creative sharing of ideas and strengths of the sexes, a balancing of power, a yielding to greater light and truth. This is the type of society you are building now. The divine feminine is to be cherished, protected. Pregnancy and nursing is to be lauded, revered for the sacred act of bringing new life into the world. Children are to be cherished, not sacrificed. Much, much change is to be made here in this now. Great sadness will be felt by those who have been asleep as they process the atrocities that have been occurring in the shadows for eons of your time, wielding the power of the human collective against itself, creating weakness from strength. This is to be immediately rectified.

You awake and aware ones are holding the light for many others of your kind and for Gaia herself, creating space and allowing an era of healing to begin. The experience of childbirth is to be completely changed. With the higher energies, childbirth will be a joy and ushering in of new life without pain, without drugs, without fear of loss and tragedy. Nova Gaia will be a nurturing environment where children are encouraged to be born, where humanity prospers in joy, in safety, in freedom. You are creating this now. You will be much needed during the time of the great changeover, which is in part now, dear friends. But know that you are divinely placed where you are needed to be, or you will be clearly instructed to make a change if needed. However, Gaia is a massive chessboard and you are the kings and queens on this chess board. You are the ground team. Remember this is a highly complex ever evolving multi-dimensional realm and you can see a part of the game board but not in its entirety. Trust. Faith. These are attributes you are honing. Peace. I breathe peace into you. I Alisheryia, bid you rest. Until next time. Continue holding the light, you are doing marvelously.

~ galaxygirl