Love is our new reality

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Message from Father God via Galaxygirl, January 20th, 2018

Message from Father God for January 19, 2018

Father God 1/19/18

Hello, children. It is I, your Father God, here to represent the male energies. What an inspiring message last night from the ladies of the house. I always enjoy listening and learning from their expressions and voices. For there is so much that we can all learn from one another. That is why we are all here in form experiencing for the purpose of expansion. I am here to confirm and to gently remind you that everything works out perfectly in the end and everything will be alright. Be at peace in your innermost chamber. Most of you awakened ones can picture your innermost chamber and are at peace, but still, alas, most of Humanity has yet to discover the golden door within their heart space that I occupy when invited, and where their inner child resides.

Children are open, innocent, pure. They see the world with fresh eyes in wonder. And then life happens – harsh lessons of a 3D worldly experience – and they become wounded. It is time for you all to heal this deep inner wounding with light and with my love. I extend my healing energy to you. It is yours. Please feel free to use it and become whole, so that going into your inner chamber is a joy, full of beauty and peace, where we converse easily and comfortably. Transmit light to the rest, to the wounded parts of you and extend my healing energies into them for transmutation. Send them to me and be free.

Now create a beautiful inner chamber or room for yourself. Is it a cozy living room with a fire? A beautiful beach with a simple hut overlooking the waves? Whatever it is, make it your inner sanctuary and go there often. To go within means you literally do that. You get to know yourself in the deepest of levels that are currently revealed to you at this Now moment. It is true that more layers will be soon revealed but you must make peace with what you can already understand so that you can expand with grace and ease. Talk with your higher self, your highest expression of your spark light. Thee is no conflict with this and with your relationship with me. You are a fractal of me. How could there be a conflict of interest?

Many changes and much chaos is brimming on your beautiful planet right now, like a pot boiling over on the stove. You are hearing the bubbling and the sizzle of the steam at this time but regardless, the meal is being cooked in the process. The dinner is being prepared. All is being prepared for you now, Humanity, children, friends in form. And all is well. Focus more on light and love and less on the money for love is the true energy exchange of the cosmos and is your greatest asset, and you are my greatest treasure.

I love you. I represent the men tonight. Men, you are doing magnificently. Continue to hold the light, for yourselves and for those less strong than you. Remember serving is strength. Giving is receiving. Mercy is wisdom. You will build a whole new paradigm for the collective; one that honors strength and creativity, where the feminine is protected. And there is great satisfaction in providing and protecting but it will be more related to ideas and expansion of them and will provide great excitement to the techies and dreamers. For you will travel further than you ever dreamed and will build great communities and cities that will honor both sexes and you men will be greatly thanked honored and esteemed for your service to Gaia, the mother essence of your planet whom you love and serve. And it will not be building based on competition but co-creating together. All can succeed, for there is plenty of room at the top. The whole thing is rising to the top.

It is time to roll up our sleeves together and get dirty, hands in the Earth, feet on the ground, standing together as one. I will be with you. I am in many hidden ways working behind the scenes and shoulder to shoulder with you. There is no more room for harshness, only tender strength that comes from understanding the balance and firmness of love that must be defended. Your true roles are coming to the forefront, the creative builders, the visionaries, the defenders of truth and freedom, of families and joy. It is time to find your joy, men.

All of you, you are loved beyond measure. Polish and shine you your chamber and allow me the privilege of meeting with you there. We are in this together. We are one. I am your Father God.

~ galaxygirl