Love is our new reality

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Message from God via Jahn J Kassl, February 24th, 2019




Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations

photo credit: Andrea Percht



It was said: “Let there be light!”, and I am telling you: “There was light on this earth, and light is entering human hearts!”

I am GOD, source of all life, source of all being. You have originated from me, so you are my son, my daughter – so you human beings are my beloved children.

I am GOD and there is LIGHT on earth.

This has tremendous effects on your lives. Because some are welcoming the light and are able to receive it.

Others are scared of it and won’t let the light get through to them.

They make all efforts to fight it, until they get tired and return to me in order to descend to earth once more at another time.

The endless life stream keeps bearing, and so your souls continue to take shape in order to participate in the experience of life on earth.


I am telling you: Don’t be afraid of missing out on your missions in this life! There are more opportunities which I create for you and which you co-create yourself. I am telling you:

Don’t fear anything or anyone, because these fears alone are keeping you from the light and the divine and are blocking your life.

God’s light, that I AM, is omnipresent today! This has extensive effects.

You recognize yourselves in the light, you see your own beauty and your divine being. But at the same time the light also reveals your own demons to you.

They are the “residue” of many lives, which you are able to perceive for the first time. Simultaneously it has become LIGHT on the entire planet, and so all of humanity is now realizing where adjustments need to be made because light had been lacking.

Everything, absolutely everything, becomes visible and comprehensible to you now. Even if you are often startled or surprised at first, the truth of your life together is now revealed to you on all levels.

Both on a small and a large scale, the divine light flowing to earth is performing its all-healing work, whilst always considering the individual degree of consciousness and respecting the free will of the individual.


Therefore it is of utmost importance that you shout out your “YES, I DO” without ifs and buts. Only then the divine light can begin its work and transform you internally.

This means observing yourself joyfully as you awaken, and perceiving joyfully how your life is changing.

Please let go of the idea that you could hang on to your old life with all habits, conditioning and opinions and still attain spiritual growth. As much as many people would want that, this is impossible!

Accept changes joyfully and strive for healing all parts of your being with the divine light that is at work on earth. Don’t content yourself with half-solutions any more, especially as far as your own light work is concerned.

I am here, I am with you, and your entire cosmic light family is with you. We illuminate your path so that you can be safe and sound in every step that you take.

The divine light is omnipresent in this world – unlike ever before. Don’t fear it, welcome it – and welcome any and all changes in your life.

Those who return into the light hastily of prematurely, what happens to those individuals who didn’t want to follow their missions in life or are abandoning them now?


Be sure, nothing and no one ever gets lost in Being. Therefore there is no reason for pointing fingers at others, because the truth is: all humans return to God and will find their divine home again!

Meet all people who refuse their transformation and who let this great time of grace pass on their own free will, with unconditional love.

A human being – every human being – is a cosmic spiritual being. That’s the level you should meet each other at from now on.

Humanity can’t be separated unless humans make it so!

Beloved humans,

this message has this one divine purpose: Encouraging your own transformation, so that you can be part of the transformation of the world.

Don’t wait for the sky to open but contribute to the shift by opening your hearts to the divine.

Time flies when you bring light into your life. All worries and fears will start to fall off – just like dander falls off the skin.

Beloved humans,

this message has this one divine purpose: that you start sensing me within you and that you allow yourself to be guided by me through this time of light and through everything it reveals.

God is omnipresent in all human lives. But why is it that I have so few friends amongst humans? Why is it as it is?

Because there has not been enough light on earth until now – and this has changed fundamentally. Now huge leaps in consciousness are possible, and so the friendship between humans and God, amongst all beings who have lived in the illusion of separation, is revived.

And finally, beloved human:

Now go and love – and first of all, love yourself! So dearly and deeply that you can give up your shadow and accept your own beauty. Leave everything else to me.

I am the source of all truth in your heart.

I am the omnipresent light in your life.

I am GOD