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Message from God – The Expectation, August 22nd, 2023


Message through God

You know, no one is born to meet your expectations! No child will satisfy your expectations and no partner is there, absolutely no being and no expression of this reality of life are there to meet your expectations. You are also not there to meet your self-set expectations – or to live up to the expectations of others.

The expectation


If you live in the “reality” of a strong expectation, you cut yourself off from being. Expectation is always ego-aware and an expression of your limited self-perception.

If you expect something, be it from yourself or from other people, there is a kind of “tunification” in your energy bodies. Your energies no longer flow freely, as you focus all your attention on the future in which your expectation should be fulfilled.

You are in the past, should an expectation not have been fulfilled – and mentally in the future, while you wait for the occurrence of the expectation. Far from the now, you reduce your personal perception.

Expectations bind your energies and keep you from being in the now – attentively meeting every moment and the beauty of life.

How hypnotized you wait for the moment that should bring you fulfillment. But in the meantime, you miss all the moments that give you actual joy and abundance.

Whether you expect something from yourself or from a fellow human being is irrelevant: Your energy always accumulates and your ego is in control.

Expectation always leads to disappointment and frustration. Even if fulfillment occurs from time to time, this is only a brief elation, as peace never comes. As soon as an expectation pattern has been fulfilled, the next goal appears, and again you wait – you are in expectation. If you are in being, there is no expectation, everything is there, immediately and NOW. So what are you waiting for, there is nothing to expect, since everything is there: unlimited abundance in the now.

As soon as you realize who you are, and as soon as you have exposed your inner core of being, expectation patterns dissolve. This letting go brings you back an incredible amount of energy, the solidification turns into agility. You become supple – and that’s your body language.

The Now

You are born to work out of your true being – out of your being – and not to fulfill expectations that are stored in the collective consciousness of people and constantly cause restlessness, dissatisfaction and a completely false self-perception. They keep you away from your joy, because expectation overlooks the moment, the now!

Always be ready, but don’t expect anything! Be awake and fresh, open and flexible! Marvel and experience the world with all your inner and outer senses! Be cheerful and stay calm when events worry you!

Always stay in the now! There you live, there you are, there is your being. Everything is taken care of if you understand this truth. It is a divine law that is taken care of for every human being.

Just because most people cannot accept this, they create their reality and live in constant lack, in constant expectation, in constant worry.

It is taken care of everyone, beloved human child. This is not an alien, detached and unrealistic illusion, but only true and eternal law.

Every deficiency is man-made, through your thinking you create your reality, your words condense it and your actions finally create your world of experience, your so-called reality.

Ask the infallible divine light for enlightenment! Let it into your being so that you can see who you are.

It is the lack of self-knowledge that creates all your “deficiency phenomena”, because the expectation always reflects a pronounced “deficiency feeling”.

You know, no one is born to meet your expectations! No child will satisfy your expectations and no partner is there, absolutely no being and no expression of this reality of life are there to meet your expectations. You are also not there to meet your self-set expectations – or to live up to the expectations of others.

It is so important to know what you were born for. The light shows you and shines so that you can see yourself – and you will be amazed, because a deep inner touch happens to you. This tenderness is the love of your being. If you touch this energy source, you will experience abundance – immediately and completely. There is no more lack, no expectation, no past or future: YOUR BEING IN THE NOW – you are who you are.

Letting go of this so subtly paralyzing feeling is a true liberation, as if you were putting off a heavy burden. Physically you also feel lighter and more elastic, more flexible and harmonious. Usually this also frees you from tension! You have given up your rigidity and your waiting and get your energies back.

Strengthened, you stand there and can enjoy every moment: joy, peace, freedom and love – in the now. Not in the past you are looking for happiness, nor are you waiting for the future. You are now completely fulfilled by yourself and present.

Every expectation limits you in your work, makes you passive, sluggish and dissatisfied. In the collective consciousness of humanity, an infinite number of expectation patterns are stored and this illusion is further maintained by the media. Get out of this spiral, be aware of your topics, let the light in and free yourself from it!

Your social life, your communication, your systems, both economic and political, are permeated by patterns of expectation. The man expects from the woman – the woman from the man – this and that, from the work you expect this and that, the state should fulfill this or that expectation, etc.

In the spiral of self-expectation, the expectation of others as well as the fulfillment of foreign expectation patterns, you move and are trapped in it. Rise up and start claiming your actual strength!

You are co-creator and absolute co-creator of your reality.

It all starts with your thoughts. What you think you will – inevitably. Look at what you do, what you speak and what you think. Where do you encounter your lack?

By transforming these energies, you get into your power and your being. The divine light helps you, it shines where your feeling of lack has the origin, it finds the right assignment and dissolves this pattern.

This is very important, because the right assignment brings you to understanding – and only this healing is complete. Your comprehensive nature has been touched and is brought back into balance. Energies that prevent you from your self-perception must be put back to where they came from. Therefore, it is necessary to make the right assignments.

Expectations that your environment has of you must be on you like the rain on the raincoat. By recognizing and dissolving, you will become immune to it. The collective pattern of expectation no longer has power: you are free and in your power, anchored in your being, connected with your essence. Light and love shine from your nature. This is the protection, the coat, which keeps destructive energies away from you.

to release energy

The letting go of expectations has an immediate effect and immediately you feel better, easier and more comfortable. Every new letting go brings you closer to your true ancestry until you enter your Most Holy, into your inner space – into your divinity.

The resolution of expectations “unexpectedly” releases a lot of energy. You celebrate every day from your heart, you know your tasks and the connections, you are centered – in your center – in harmony with you.

Your ego has withdrawn and you are in your being, you live every moment according to your omnipotence, you unfold your glory. Every resolution is a step towards your actual essence.

Transforming your expectation is essential to be self-determined and free. Ask the infallible divine light to shine to you – and you will experience true miracles.

Free yourself from all the constraints and the tightness that this emotional pattern brings with it. The infinite expanse and unrestricted freedom will be returned to you.

Your heart knows all the answers!

Start asking to get back into your heart and into your being. From this original beauty, you create your life to create a new reality.

Your heart knows all the answers! Start asking!