Love is our new reality

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Message from God via Jahn J Kassl, January 2nd, 2020



This highly energetic year 2020 bears circumstances that have long been waited for by SOME and feared by the OTHERS since the beginning of time.

photo credit: Andrea Percht

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations



I am GOD

No stone on earth will be left unturned, and everything will be shifted, renewed and returned into the unity of God, who I am: a wonderful time, a challenging time, and an exceedingly gracious time.

The positive and the negative, the dark and the light, are starting to materialize. Therefore pay attention to what you radiate and what you absorb.

Human bodies are energetic receptors and senders.
All that is generated in your mind, all that is spoken and heard, is crucial – crucial for you! Because through thoughts and emotions – which lead to the corresponding words and actions – you determine where your journey is taking you.

You yourself determine how you experience this highly energetic time! Because what you send out immediately returns to you – and if negativity and darkness try to enter your energy system, it can only succeed if you resonate with it, meaning if you are somehow open to it.

Therefore, clear your energy field and be vigilant of your thoughts and emotions, because that is how you create your reality and everything you want or don’t want for yourself.


The year 2020 carries the number 20 twice. This indicates the beginning of the time of divine grace and divine truth. In two respects the truth will be revealed now – and this will show in the fact that the individual can’t run away from their true self anymore, and that all actions taken will now lead to consequences on the world stage.

In 2020, the pillars of the godless world begin to tumble in a way that is evident to all human beings.

Dark intentions will unfold their destructive effects, and mankind will be confronted with the causes.

Conspicuously – obvious even to the blind eye – the divine light is starting to initiate the big purgation. This will bring great relief to all light human beings, and for all beings possessed by darkness this means the noticeable beginning of the end of their games here on earth.

JJK: Does this mean that this year, for the first time, we will experience great external shifts?

GOD: This highly energetic year 2020 bears circumstances that have long been waited for by SOME and feared by the OTHERS since the beginning of time.

Because even though everything is embedded in my grace, many beings don’t want to have any part in it. They chose their own path – often times detours and loop ways – and they remain in union with negative vibes and dark energy. Some will speak of a “tribunal” but this is a misinterpretation.

What will happen in this year of the two 20ies is that the potential for all that is full of light will continue to rise by the grace of God, and the opportunities for darkness will decrease.

The luminous reality will spread more and more on earth. This entails that light-deprived phenomena or beings must open themselves to the light or else will lose the right to further exist here on this earth. This is the time when heaven and earth – this world and the beyond – unite, and this will be achieved by the continuous elevation of the frequency of light in some human beings.

JJK: What can we expect?


GOD: Miracles and the work of God’s grace – it is the beginning and visible collapse of a system that is based on separation, suppression and injustice. This energetic abuse will be ended, and the year 2020 marks the visible beginning.

JJK: But resistance will most likely be significant?

GOD: The stronger individuals or groups resist this shift, the more painful it will be for them. But anyone who fully gives themselves over to my grace will experience a year full of miraculous coincidences and is under my protection.

I invite all human beings to give themselves over to me – to walk through this time with full faith in God.

Don’t allow the events that are about to come – because they must come – to cause you to stray from the path of light.

Any purgation must be preceded by the determination of the AS-IS STATE – and the state of humanity is the way it is. What matters is that as many human beings as possible awaken now, and this means that darkness must appear before it can be redeemed or dismissed.

The darker it seems to get on earth, the closer you are to the light!

Always be aware of that, because only then you can understand what presents itself and why it has to happen in this intensity.


Because everything that was thought and spoken is immediately echoed and creates the according resonance. What you send out comes right back to you, and only that can permeate and get to you which you are open to.

Therefore intensify your work on your divine energetic robe. I am omnipresent and always with you! What you can’t manage yourself falls to the grace of God, who I am, and which you are ordained to.

Carried by heaven you wander through this time, and in your heart, eternity is reflected.

I am GOD