Love is our new reality

Message from Jesus via Camilla Nilsson, January 8th, 2021

Message from Jesus via Camilla Nilsson 210108


My dear friends.

I will talk about the totality, the definition of everything as best as possible with earthly words from an earthly perspective.

We often say that we are all a part of the totality and maybe it is the case that you see everything as a room in the space of creation. Maybe you see everything as if everything fits in this room. Everything is everything that has ever been and will always be. Everything is in everything. All matter, all thoughts, all emotions. That is all that means that there is no separation because separation is a construction to create imbalance.

This means that when you allow yourself to be one with everything, you allow yourself to become whole in your being. The separation within you ceases. You become what is called yin and yang in balance. Light and darkness. You become centered in your being. You become an independent, clear-sighted and clear-minded individual because in everything there are all answers.

When you are in this state, you are thus disconnected from the trials, challenges you may experience coming from your surroundings. Then you see what it’s really about. You become an objective observer. So when you let this happen, you are helping the earth’s balance to be reintroduced – The balance that many of you long for and balance on your planet as your human egos are the same for a union with everything does not need a strong ego as a protector.

An association with everything allows the ego to put the battleax aside in the safe knowledge that it is no longer needed. Many of you have already put the battleax aside and many of you are working on just that part. It can be a tough period in this your earthly life because there are many people around you who are holding on harder than ever to their battleaxes – These axes that are believed to solve the worldly problems that you humans have created and named the pandemic.

This pandemic is similar to the outbreak of the Third World War from a higher perspective. You cannot fight this war with your battleaxes. You need to fight this war with great confidence and conviction that this will be divinely taken care of. Place your energy on something else. You do not need proof and proof again of who is right and who is wrong in the vaccination issue.

Stand in your light, stand in your power, one with everything and you will spread this to your fellow human beings. Act from your heart and let the ego’s battleax lie.

I love you so.

Jesus, Sananda.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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