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Message from Jesus via Camilla Nilsson, October 17th, 20


Message from Jesus via Camilla Nilsson, October 17th, 20


My dear children, my dear friends on earth.

The era of development is ongoing as you are well aware. This era of development that allows life to be perceived as progessing in high waves and deep valleys – A feeling of going as much backwards as forwards. Frustrating at times.

I want to remind you that this is only the feeling of the illusion. It has nothing to do with reality. Is not rooted in reality but is as I just expressed only an illusion. How then can one define the terms illusion? In many different ways as the illusion contains many different aspects. I will now talk about the part of the illusion that deals with human development in the form of raising consciousness.

You humans were put behind a fog curtain thousands of years ago – A fog curtain to extinguish certain parts of you, of your human resources. This fog curtain made you unable to see clearly. You sank to the deepest depths of your consciousness and have since worked to leave this depth. For millennia, many of you have struggled while many have chosen to stay in the fog for various reasons.

You who have chosen to go your own way have thus had to do an enormous amount of work with many sacrifices as a result – A feeling of selling your soul when in fact it has been the other way around. You have now come so far that you have gotten your head above the water surface, but above the earth the mist of illusion is still heavy.

Around you who have gotten your head above the water surface, the fog has dissipated and dissipated more and more, you can see farther and farther. Sometimes you make discoveries that are difficult to understand and take in. Truths have been hidden. Far down in the depths, many souls remain. Some of these will drown. Some of them are struggling. Know that you who have taken over the surface of the water now receive oxygen so that you can be who you are in your true essence and know that when days of hopelessness arise, it is because you have sunk either to give someone else artificial respiration or drowned in your own doubts – Sometimes because the real reality is too complex and difficult to grasp.

So my friend know you’re doing a great job. Every breath you take above the water’s surface is valuable. Among other things, you help those who cannot get there themselves. You give artificial respiration which is everything but artificial, it is especially real. Know that every time you have been below the water surface, the fog of illusion has dissipated a little more. And a little bit more.

Look out over the sea. Dare to see the horizon far away and know that you are getting closer and closer to your soul’s infinite freedom.

I love you so.

Jesus, Sananda.








Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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