Love is our new reality

Message from Kuthumi via Berit von Scheven on 15 Sep 2020

Message from Kuthumi via Berit von Scheven on 15 Sep 2020


There is so much fear, so much fear in the world. It will take time before it disappears. Fear can eventually be controlled to something good but we are not there yet. Fear can be a breeding ground for a new rebirth. It takes time! Patience, patience, patience.

Use this time to prepare. Do not push, do not make plans, feel, let it come to you. Prepare to be of service to the good of other people in the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi.

For it is by giving that one receives.

It is by forgetting oneself that one finds oneself.

It is by forgiving others that you yourself are forgiven.

It is by dying that one rises to eternal life.

Ecology is very important in these times and Francis is the father of ecology.

Build yourself up, eat healthy, exercise wisely, be aware of your thoughts and feelings. Rest, rest rest. Prepare for the new time. The birth of the new earth is near but right now the earth is in labor pains. Cleansings are still taking place. The new earth is not ready to be born now.

Work with your own cleansing. It is very important. Cleanse yourself of your troublesome feelings. Cleanse out physically, emotionally and materially. Ask Kuthumi, Francis, Jesus Sananda or other guides for help. We are here to support you and guide you. We are very close to you. Ask us for help and we will come. Let go of your ego. Be careful what you put behind “I am…”. Think about it, reflect. Keep Francis’ life in mind, follow in the footsteps of Francis and Jesus Sananda as much as you can. Clear, clear, clear!

The pandemic is not over. The earth will be cleansed and people will be cleansed. The pandemic is a help. It may sound harsh but those affected have chosen it themselves. Everything is as it should be. Feel no anxiety. The process takes time. Let it take time, live in the process, live in love. Love can save the earth. Fear can destroy the earth. Be in the heart, feel the love, speak in love, be in touch with love and peace. Spread it. Radiate it out into the world.

A lot weighs down the earth now. The heavy energies are in the majority. The wind blows away the heavy energies. The wind is a help. The fire burns up and the water washes away. Everything is for the best. It can be a tsunami so barley is a separate “Noah’s ark”. Build a solid foundation to stand on and if necessary, bring animals, plants and sail out. Build a new soil from scratch.

Help with what you can. Take care of yourself in the best way, build yourself. Be happy! Anchor this in heart! Communicate this from your hearts. Spread your light in action!


I am Kuthumi



Gm Berit von Scheven



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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