Love is our new reality

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Message from Maria Magdalena, April 10th, 2023


Maria Magdalena via Ann Dahlberg

Channel Ann Dahlberg 2023-04-10

I am Mary Magdalene and today I want to strike a blow for humanity. The big drum has arrived and it is now vibrating all over the Earth, from the innermost part of the Earth out to the outermost edges of the globe.
Can you feel the vibration within you? It is the love vibration that you feel in your body. Let it vibrate and receive it however it feels. For some it can feel anxious, for others it can mean a certainty that it is the energy of love that has now made its way into their lives.

However, it is required that your thoughts are in love and not in fear. The energy can evoke both fear and love depending on how you choose to perceive it. It may sound a little strange to some ears, but everything is energy and it is basically neutral. The veil on Earth and the veil of people, which has hidden their ability to see and understand what great potential they have within themselves, with which they can control their life, has been opened up and they can begin to take responsibility for themselves and that life. those levers.

They vibrate and are attuned to the fact that it is a love vibration and that it is love they feel in their hearts and in their bodies. There are also people who feel the vibration and experience a certain fear and wonder what has just happened. They don’t know if it happened on a personal or a global level.

Some may find it personal because a lot has happened in their lives lately. Others may experience it as global, as they follow the news given to them through various media. Where the thought goes, so goes the feeling. This can be difficult for many and it is what many struggle with today, whether they are beginning to become aware or have already come a little way in their awareness.

It is in the spinal cord as some say, what we have been brought up for so many centuries, that everything that happens in our life is predetermined and we cannot do anything about it. There is some truth to that, but the more aware we become and the more compassion we gain, the more we can influence our choices in this life and thus our own destiny.

Everything that we take in and understand can change the life we live in now, and the reality that you yourself are only building within and by extension outside of yourself. A new reality is formed around these people that grows through each person’s free choice.

You can right now live in one reality only to step into another the next and this happens on both a mental and emotional level. This cannot be forced, it happens through experiences experienced and undergone by the individuals themselves. However, humanity has come so far in its evolution and has countless experiences behind it, so it is time to follow Earth and step into the vibration of love that has now been opened up to them.

The veil has been loosened and hangs with many in rags and is about to disappear from their field of vision. This is happiness my friends, this is where joy and love live and spread around the world today. It is experienced by more and more people, and the sun warms and smiles at all of Earth’s creatures and the progress that Earth and its inhabitants are currently making.

This is true for the small ant to the large elephant and humanity as a large collective. It is a special time that you are in, where a lot is happening on different levels both inside and outside. Focus preferably is primarily within the outer environment or global planet.

You need to be in balance yourself first and take care of your energy before you can do anything for others. It is difficult to help someone if you need help yourself. Listen carefully within yourselves which step is best to take and please follow it. It gives the best result for the path and it is the life that you have chosen and want to live in now.
We are here as support all around and show signs a little everywhere so that you will understand and see what is best to choose right now.

I love is so much

Mary Magdalene