Love is our new reality

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Message from Per Staffan: Happy Thanksgiving, November 23d, 2017

Dear Companions on this our journey,

I want to wish a Happy Thanksgiving Holiday to those of you who celebrate it. Those that do not I encourage to give thanks and gratitude to yourselves and your guides, just for the opportunity to be here at this time on Earth. We have much to be thankful for. Look at your struggles and battles during the last five, ten, twenty or more years. Have you not grown in your understanding and consciousness and light. Be thankful to those that have put obstacles in your way, which has made you grow.

We have not reached the end yet, and never will. However, we are standing preciously close to major changes in our societies. This will give rise to a whole new way of life for us all. For us light workers we will move into leadership roles in our local and global communities. It comes with much responsibilities and the joy of assisting others.  We need to spend time thinking about how to organize our lives and set priorities. The money issue will be solved overnight and then we are left with asking ourselves – what now? – what next?. This is what need to prepare to find answers for in each of our lives and not postpone this until the money is in the bank.

Personally, I find that thinking gratitude and appreciation for what one has experienced or just for where we find ourselves gives one of the most wonderful internal feelings and slows you down and gives peace in our daily life. So, take this opportunity to do so, whether you traditionally celebrate Thanksgiving or not.


Per Staffan