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Mother Mary via Ann Dahlberg, November 22nd, 2017

Mother Mary

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Mother Mary and I greet all of you children of Earth. There is much going on in your world right now. Many veils are pulled from your faces. Disclosures rain down over you, which sometimes make you glad and in other cases make you concerned. Seek out the happy messages dear children on Earth, as it is when the joy within you is growing that you see all with clearer eyes. Earth is in a big transition and so are you my dear beloved children on Earth. You finish up the old and then seek new paths that suite you better. All of this is good and fine and let it take the time it takes. Patience is an ability that is severely tested today. Patience is also an ability that you need in order to develop to the multi-dimensional beings that you fundamentally already are. Patience is an ability that needs to be exercised and included in daily life. Everything is rushing so fast in today’s society and you have forgotten the noble art of having great patience. How many do not appreciate the patient human that over and over again explains so that you will understand. You are all the time worried that he/she will tire, but he/she appears to have the patience of an angel. How many of you can feel that this is true for yourselves? Only a few I would think and from this comes the expression that “it is the meek that will change the world”. Maybe it is so that it is the meek that pull the strings and maybe it is so that it is them that have the spiritual insight about where your world finds itself and what the next logical step is. From where do you think that their leadership comes? Yes, they have of course strong support from their heart and stand with both feet on the ground at the same time as they await the guidance they receive from above. This requires courage and a strong spiritual force. It is to this place that you are all heading dear children on Earth. It is within you that you have your strength and your love. If you feel the love within you and it is solidly anchored in Earth then you can hear your heart’s voice clearly. You can then follow the path that your heart tells you without considering other’s opinions and judgment. You are secure in your own heart and can feel your way forward. It is when you do not really trust your heart that you become a weather vane for everybody else’s opinions and it can change direction many times over. It is then that you loose the most important thing that you have, which is the love for yourselves. It is when all people follow the voice of their heart that the direction of Earth is given and all obstacles removed. You have a large task here dear children on Earth. You have a large task in finding your heart and to follow it. Some training and patience might be needed, but as I mentioned patience is an ability that needs to be trained a little extra today. You have all been submitted to this training.

The cleansing of your bodies is now intensified and you can experience some difficulties in your lives, but it will pass. Let go of everything that comes up and speak instead of how you want it. Be prepared to surrender to the light and the love and joy you find there. You are receiving extra help now dear children as the time has come when a large transformation will take place on Earth. This transformation has already started, but it will accelerate now my dear children, so be in quietude as much as possible and listen within for the guidance you receive there. We need many strong and patient hearts that walk the Earth today. They need to spread their calm and their love. We need many strong and patient beings so that many lost hearts can receive the calm they need in order to find their way home to their own calm and love.

We help you to be in your heart. Call on us and you will find hordes of beings that want to help you in different ways. I am always with you and I see and help you where it is permissible for me to do so. You have a great tail wind now. As much help as is given to the children of Earth has never before occurred on this planet. You have all the opportunity to find your heart if you so choose. All fine abilities that the Earth needs right now can be find within you. This is the reason that I write this today. You are all so valued and loved – you have the most exquisite heart within you. Your happiness and your path can be found there. Seek and you will find your own Holy Grail. God’s love is waiting for you and it has always waited for you. The call to come home is very strong now dear children and I think you can feel it within you.

I send you all my love and may my wings carry you home.

Mother Mary



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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