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Message from Sananda via Camilla Nilsson, July 4th, 2017

Message from Sananda

July 4th, 2017

Channel: Camilla Nilsson


My Dear Friends,

I beg you. Still yourself. Listen to the inner voice that speaks to you – The inner voice that many times asks for attention. Dear Friends, give yourself time to listen. You are so full of thoughts, you are busy, you do not have time. Time you have in abundance. Allow yourself to stop. Listen.

What does the inner voice tell you?

It sometimes shows the way. Comfort sometimes. It gives answers sometimes, but only if you still yourself.

When I walked the Earth I was an observer. I studied people. I could see their soul in their eyes. The soul that told me who was in front of me. This way I knew how to meet the person – The person with its ego, the defender of its body – Ancient knowledge that you seem to have forgotten to use.

We have sent people to Earth to spread the knowledge, give it new life. Camilla is one of them. Dear Friends, I ask you over and over again: Listen to the inner voice. Use your ability to find your own way. You have all the answers within you.

When you meet other people watch who you meet, not whom you think you are meeting depending on how the physical body is viewed. Look the person in the eyes – the eyes mirror the soul. Look the person in the eyes and share the information from the soul. Feel and understand where the person is in his/her development. Regardless of if it is better or worse, but with the information you get help with how you best meet each other.

Dear friends. You are all different, but this does not mean that you cannot understand each other – quite the opposite. Through understanding you increase the speed of your spiritual development.

Through understanding you see beyond time and space.

Through understanding you can be united.

Through understanding you can put your protection aside.

Through understanding peace can be created.

Understanding is one the golden words in order for you humans to move forward in your development. Understanding help you live side by side in harmony. Love is another golden word that I must take the opportunity to remind you of. Love is a magic force that you all have access to. Remember that the force starts in your self, each and every one of you – The love that has different size spaces in each of you. Some resist love. It can be a resistance that among other things comes from fear of being hurt. Sometimes it comes from the fact that you would rather be led by your intellect. Some trust the brain more than the heart. I remind you of the fact that both are needed, both heart and mind, but dear friends meet each other in love.

Everything starts with each one of you. Show the way. Dare to open up to see and feel whom you have in front of you. Feel and understand, surrender and let yourself be led by the inner voice as I did. I knew everything, I understood and I felt love. Thus, I could also forgive those that did not know better. I was sent to teach humanity love. In many ways the result was the opposite, until now. You are now sufficiently numerous to turn the energies on Earth. Together you make a difference. Never lose hope – see what is possible rather than what is not. Stand united side by side. Understand each other and feel love.

With much gratitude to you for having listened I will now pull back for now.

Thank you,

Sananda – Jesus





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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