You Can Receive Us

Even within these days of tumult and upheaval, you can find your ease. Let us help you. We remind you that you serve by your willingness to recognize and to speak—of realms that are not visible, by giving attention to the light, by knowing in your secret heart that you have Angels. Many things are unfolding now, so you really can be easy.

You can come into a lively and soothing connection in even a minute. As your awareness grows, you move exponentially into finer frequencies. It is there where you can easily receive us. Not everyone may see us, but each of you can absolutely receive us. There is a quiet grace that comes from this knowing. As your certainty grows, we commend you and we support you.

It is of great benefit to your self and all of Gaia when you think of us or call us in. You flood your body, your consciousness, and all your surroundings with the finest emanations. A thought is such a small thing, but it is so powerful. This is something you can do whenever you feel out of control. Call us in. Then pay attention. In this way you learn what subtle is.

We are your companions, your direct Ambassadors from on high; we are with you at every step. Our love for you is at the heart of every message and every impulse. Walk in the truth of this love and receive the many blessings of the light.

We love you now and always.