Love is our new reality

Message from the Angels via Jenny, May 30th, 2018

You Are the Change as It Happens

We have been closely with you—under the full moon’s light, within the changing seasons and your growing awareness. Always in the Now, which is where we are. We love your quiet diligence to speak well and notice good, to honor light. We bless you now. Stop to feel this for a moment. We are around you.

The changes that we have been speaking of are now greatly accelerating, becoming visible to more people of heart. More good is available to recognize and participate in. Goodwill grows. Do not despair, dear Ones. Do not fear. Humanity is turning toward the peace it has yearned for. Now is the time. It will be accomplished. Not all at once, but in regions, in areas, in cities, in villages all across your vast and beautiful world.

We ask you to cast your mind and memories back to 6 months ago, or to 1 year ago if you can. Look at who you were then, what your thoughts were, what your concerns were. Do you see the tremendous growth and expansion in your self in this relatively short time? See not only outer movement, but your inner calm and level of delight. It is clear from our view. You are the change as it happens across the globe.

In the northern hemisphere, you are coming into the fullness of summer, with the long light over green fields. In the southern regions, the harvest is nearing completion; the inner realms are where your abundance lies. All the world thrives by your love and attention. No growth is unnoticed.

This is the time you have waited for. We have surrounded you, encouraged you, loved you, and supported you through the darkest days. Now let us be with you in the joyous release and the coming celebrations. There will be peace and you will know it. Now is the time. All who have been working for the good of all will be rewarded. Go into your day with gladness in your heart. Quiet certainty spreads out.

O people of the world, be ready for your good, for now it surely comes in. Know how to look and you will see.

We love you. Always. Our love is with you.