Message from the Angels via Jenny, October 31st, 2018

A Great Gathering Across the Sky

Go about your day in awareness and ease. The veil is thin and the fallacies and lies of the old third taint the pure connection that is possible now. But you can receive us daily, if you so chose. We are here for you.

See the day unfold and end in the traditional costumes and candy. An older way is underneath this kids’ holiday. The Wise Ones of the North met across the thin divide of dimensions to mark the changing season and to share harvest food and herbs. We were gracious all together once around the great fires. Wisdom was passed across and down. The Wise Ones kept the sacred alive in people, the forest, the mountains, the streams, and with the creatures. Though your present festivities hardly acknowledge the connection, it is alive in the essence of this time.

There will be a great gathering across the sky, across the dimensions. The true time of meeting is near. Your true history will become known. How Earth became a third-dimensional place. How you seemingly lost your connection to Source. How your long narrative of suffering and sorrow unraveled. We can tell you these things because your present time is rapidly changing to include the non-seen aspects of your world.

Today can be a thread to knowing what will be revealed. You did dance around the fire and sing the praises of the Earth. Your hearts were light and will be light again. Let this day be a sweet connection to the past and the future. In joy we wish you to proceed, in gratitude and in delight.

Be glad for this time where you do what you love and what you chose. We love you regardless of what you accomplish, today or any day, previous and following. Be happy, as extraordinary times are coming and you feel it in your bones.

We are with you in it all, through it all, with all, if you allow. We bless you now.