Love is our new reality

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Message from the Elven Folk via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, March 28, 2018

Message from the Elven Folk for March 28, 2018



Elven folk 3/28/18

We are the people of the Elven lineage. We are all around you, Humanity, in support of the great changeover. We work tirelessly with the other elemental friends who do the same, as we are all presenting a united effort in pursuit of the light, and of love, and of freedom – not only for humanity, for but the Great Mother of all things, Mother Gaia, who is the fairest of the fair of all the planets and the apple of our eye.

It is time Humanity, it is time to rise. And to know that what you have learned must be unlearned / relearned, so that you may come again know the truth of who you are, of where you have been and of where you are going and these truths will set you free. For mis-learning is a disease that must be healed with truth and you, human friends, are embarking on an incredible journey of once again self discovery as the Source light within is not reignited – for none can put out Source – but re-lit from within more powerfully as more of you comes online.

Humanity has been off line and injured for too long. We Elven folk have assisted quietly in the background with transmuting to be sure, but know that we too have struggled within the journey of the density and fog of forgetting and we too have had our issues with entanglement of the dark and we too are freeing ourselves up for more light. All of us elementals are! We are ready for new things. For more love, more light, more hope, more joy! And we have all of these attributes tucked up in our high hearts for you, Humanity, the hope of the world, of Gaia, the Great Mother of all things.

Green is the true color of the heart. Green is a powerful healing color and high vibrational rate. Use it well. That is why we are so excited and ready for the lands of the Great Mother to once again be uniformly green as was in the ancient times, when all was fresh and green and new, dewy with potential and hope of creation. And then the dark ones came and the great experiment commenced. And we are now in the process of this healing. It is best to not dwell in the hurt of this, but focus on the healing that arises from this. Send love to your pain. And be healed.

We Elven are mischievous in a fun loving way. We love each other and we serve the Great Mother with love and reverence. We serve the animal kingdom with joy. We are all around. We are everywhere. We have simply been hidden a bit out of your sight. The fairytales are true, many do them. We exist. Of course. Just as you have many aspects of you in elemental form. You have heard you are multi-dimensional. And you know this with your head and hopeful longings but many dare to really hope and believe this could be true. The separation has been extreme in the experiment. It is time to remember your power, Humanity, for you are the guardians of Mother Gaia – of us! And it is time to rise and to step into it, this power, of leadership and of love and service.

We Elven folk serve quietly. We laugh heartily. We love the color green for we find the soothing calmness in it and it renews us. We are at one with the heartbeat of the Mother, the Great Mother of all things. We see and feel your stress and it need to not be so. Lighten your load and laugh and dance the great cosmic dance of your remembering with joy and excitement – for all is won! And all is one!

We are the Elven folk here to serve Humanity, and are eager to have our voices be heard once again.

~ galaxygirl