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Fairy Kingdom (channeled messages)

Message from the Fairies via Galaxygirl, October 8th, 2018

Message from Fairies  (10/8/18) | Galaxygirl

Fairies & Elthor 10/8/2018

We are the fairies and we are so delighted to speak with you today again humanity for it has been far too long and we are grateful of this opportunity; we see the manifestation of great and wonderful things in your near future humanity and it is always best if you can hold within your high heart the attitude for gratefulness, yes, gratefulness because when one is grateful more blessings from the universe flow to you more quickly for that is what way things work; gratefulness and happy expectation of great and wonderful blessings will open up the river to abundance into your lives in such a magnificent way;

We fairies love to do this as we feel the gratefulness that we have for our Mother Gaia whom we serve with love and joy for we are grateful for this opportunity to serve her we are grateful for the seasons and for the various nutritious opportunities for the animals, for the plants, we are grateful for the beautify of the fields as the autumn fairies kiss the leaves and turn their colors most majestically; for when you are grateful you can see with the eyes of a child and more things sparkle for you and you are more light within your heart space;

For we see that humanity has been heavy within their heart space for far too long – that is not the way anymore for the higher ascended codes of light are bombarding Gaia and it is most wonderful to see, to feel, to experience, to witness – we love it so much and we know that you do too! we see that many of you are hurting with the ascension symptoms at this time and know that this too shall pass so try to be grateful for the pain in your neck, the aches all over, and the spinning – for spin with it, spin with the cosmic cycle of grace, of upliftment for that is what is happening right now humanity – as your souls uplift your bodies are catching up and freaking out a bit! so send them love, good nutrition, and let us to tend to you should you wish – we do so love working with our human friends again, it is our great delight! for we love to serve our human friends, our mother Gaia;

This attitude of service is one that must be adopted on the surface of Mother Gaia and then all will proceed more smoothly, for as you all serve each other so you are served and unmet needs are met again! for we see you evolving quickly – most quickly – into the ascended masters, the galactic humans that you were always destined to become, (and actually already were before the dark ones came – never mind they are leaving!) and we fairies are most grateful – so joyful that our dear precious mother Gaia can be beautiful again! won’t you humans please help us fairies tend to her needs and clean up the oceans? clean up your thoughts as well for as within so without – it all goes together – we fairies – love you so much, we are the fairies

The Nordic Elves via Angel, September 29th, 2018

The Nordic Elves via Angel

September 29th, 2018



We are the Nordic Elves and greet you with beauty and dance from the mist of veils. We want to make ourselves seen and heard for you who feel a calling to get in touch with us and help in our work to heal and protect nature and the plant kingdom.

As you know we are shy and this is only due to our incredible sensitivity and love for our Mother Earth. Only those with a genuine interest in serving Mother Earth are those who will receive an invitation to work with us.

To protect and shield nature and the plant kingdom it requires a very subtle and feminine frequency, but here we are for those of you who feel you are called upon. We ask you to come out to us in the mist of veils, close your eyes and honor our beautiful planet and let us teach you all our knowledge and show you the way for how you can work as a bridge between our different worlds. Oh beautiful you, come and see how much we rejoice over establishing bonds with you and share our enormous love and happiness over being able to function as the protector of nature, as natures dancing source of love and as a loving touch for each loving thing in our beautiful nature.

With a white shine of love we now curtsy for you and invite ask you for a dance.

The Elves




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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The Fairy Collective via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, July 26th, 2018



We are the fairies and we are so delighted to be able to speak with humanity this day of all days where the astrology signs are all in alignment and great energetic waves are bombarding our Mother Gaia in this Now moment; and we are so pleased that you have had the chance, the opportunity to chat with our friends the butterflies! For they really are our special friends as they help us tend to our sweet flowers who are our pride and joy.

And we so appreciate it when you humans take time to talk with the flowers for they love to listen and in turn have a lot of comforting things to offer you in turn as words of encouragement, advice, you name it! Talking with the flowers brings such peace to the frizzled human soul that it is one of Mother Gaia’s simplest gifts to you human friends and we welcome you to talk with the fairies as well! For we have a lot to say and are so pleased to have this opportunity to reconnect with our seemingly long lost friends.

For too long we have been cut off from the magic places, at least that is what it seems to us for we are so very ready for the entire world to be magical once again! And it is magical if you can see it with 5D eyes out of the fog and guck of 3D that is so gross and we are so very tired of it of the muck and filth and pain – no – no – we are very ready for light! For love! For laughter and if you listen carefully we will tickle you and make you giggle a bit and we are feeling silly now at this moment for we are so happy and we so want our tired slogging human friends to feel the light, to feel the love, and to react to it in turn with more light and love for each other – for our precious animal friends, butterfly friends, and to once again be the sturdy, strong and reliable caretakers for our most precious Mother Gaia, our planetary mother who loves us without end and has been so tremendously patient with what humanity has knowingly and unknowingly created that harmed her.

It is time for renewal, for more light and love and we fairies are leading the way with humanity, arm and arm and holding your hands – oh they are so much bigger than ours – it is really quite funny – for we see you as big and slow and becoming sweeter which is magnificent and as many of you have a bit more to go, many of you others have come so far and are embracing your Christed light your fairy self and all of the other aspects of you that have been blocked, cut off, and all of that is now coming back into your alignment once again and it will make you feel more complete, more comforted, like you’re finally cozy and comforted again and you will realize that you are what you have been looking for this entire time!

We are the fairies and we know that we have talked awhile and yes we do have a lot to say and we so appreciate you human friends and we thank you we are the fairies!

~ galaxygirl

Message from Fairies and Universal Mother via Galaxygirl, June 17th, 2018

Message from Fairies and Universal Mother (6/17/18) | Galaxygirl

Fairies & Universal Mother June 17, 2018

We are the fairies of old who have surrounded and support humanity quietly for eons, and we wish to have our voices heard once again; for all is unhinging and we like that analogy very much for as we see with open, awake eyes, we see that humanity has been asleep too long, locked up and away, isolated, in the prison of their own making and we see this as being ridiculous to continue this game and to allow the walls, the doors to unhinge seems like a good idea at this moment of this ever present Now where all is unfolding, breaking, so that the waves of change can rush in and make everything anew once again!

For there are cycles of newness in this universe as you know. We fairies keep time, the whales keep records, we fairies, some of us anyway, like to keep time for we find it fascinating that you humans are so addicted to it, and we fairies ask you, “Why is that, please, when you can create the reality that you wish?” Isn’t it time humans to make up a new game for yourselves and ourselves so that you can get young with aging and wiser and your wisdom is not taken from you through old age and drugs but rather you are expanding into your age ~

And we fairies see you expanding now into the new age of Nova Gaia as the great mother rocks back and forth and births a new world for you all awakened ones to explore and enjoy and bask in the new reality that you are birthing; for you humans – you light workers too – are birthing along with the mother and we see this for we fairies love babies! and newness of life, and we are nurturing and kind to the new creatures for they are a part of the mother, our mother of all things and we are warmed with the love that we see between you and your little ones.

We fairies like a good story and you humans are providing many stories for us to learn from and to enjoy together listening and re-listening – for we are all around you comforting you, providing whispers on the wind, and we ask you if you are listening to the flowers yet because they have a lot to say to you! And we long for humanity to stop and to listen to nature again for in so doing you will hear the fairies voices of wisdom and of truth and you will hear your own inner voice as well, if and when you but stop with that of the hurrying around and listen within. That is all for now. We are the fairies and we are delighted to be reunited with the awareness of our human friends again; we are the fairies ~

~ ~ ~

I am the Mother, the Universal Mother of all things. Feel my breath move through and around each of your cells as you receive this most pleasant / delightful upgrade. Change is on the horizon, change is coming, change is here. All of these statements are true, children. All of them. And you are a part of this. You are a part of this greatest change of energy in the universe, the linch pin. For there other worlds to take notice and follow suit, for this sector is in process of recalibration, of liberation from the dark energies. And I hope you can feel in my words how grateful and joyous I am for this to be occurring now, in your Now, and children, your fingerprints are all over all of this and it blesses me, it blesses the omniverse, and I thank you.

I am speaking to all of you now individually, and am sending you individual energetic codes of encouragement for you are so weary and your journey so long. You have been faithful to me and to your codes of conduct that you promised. And your life plans are unfolding nicely as you unwrap them layer by layer, like a large exciting birthday present with many layers of paper. Such is your life, if you look at it in this way. And I warms my heart, children, for many of you are becoming more childlike in your enthusiasm and there is no greater gift of creativity to the universe as the creativity and imaginative potential of a child.

Create. Create! Create freely without reservation, with abandon, create in love and all good things will come your way. For love is the vibration, the fabric of this universe, it is the structure underlying the creation of all things that the dark cannot take away or un-structure. As much as they have tried, they have failed, and always will, for love is the key to everything. And that is why, children, that you must love deeply, fully, completely, your wounded parts of yourself that you would rather cry, scream and avoid. Now these must be healed in love. It is time to heal yourself and your past pains in love and in so doing you heal the collective and thus the world.

Healing is my gift to you tonight, inner healing and the courage to do it can be daunting, tricky business. Would you like my assistance as you explore? Blast light and love, children, to all of the dark places of the world, of the recess of your memory, of your past pains. Send my love, my never ending eternal flame of divine love that is now permanently embedded into the framework of Mother Gaia as she ascends. And as she ascends, so too, do you ascend upon her. This is really happening children. This is your moment to shine, to love, to be me as you, for we are all one.

I am the Mother, the Universal Mother of all things. I see through you, in you. I am the cosmic breath that sustains you. I am love. As are you. It is time for you to but remember me and remember your true eternal loving and lovely god self that waits no longer for your re-discovery. Create with love, through love, always with love.

I am the Mother, the Universal Mother of all things. I am that I am. Say these with me children. Affirmations are powerful. They ignite your codes! As does toning. It is time to remember your ancient trainings at the mystery schools and tap in. It is all within you waiting to be rediscovered and remembered. The fairies remember, they were there. The elemental kingdom works tirelessly to balance the harmony with humans and nature. It is indeed time to restore this balance. Outer balance begins with inner balance. That is the first lesson. Do you remember? Ask me to remind you, children. I am always here for you.

I am the Mother, the Universal Mother of all things. I love your sticky fingerprints, I love everything about you. I am you, children. You are an extension of me. Bask in my waters. Feel my glow of healing as we shine the light together. I am the Mother of all things, and you are my children. What does that make you? (Smiling) Breathe in my breath. Feel my light envelope you and be comforted.

~ galaxygirl

Message from the Elven Folk via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, March 28, 2018

Message from the Elven Folk for March 28, 2018



Elven folk 3/28/18

We are the people of the Elven lineage. We are all around you, Humanity, in support of the great changeover. We work tirelessly with the other elemental friends who do the same, as we are all presenting a united effort in pursuit of the light, and of love, and of freedom – not only for humanity, for but the Great Mother of all things, Mother Gaia, who is the fairest of the fair of all the planets and the apple of our eye.

It is time Humanity, it is time to rise. And to know that what you have learned must be unlearned / relearned, so that you may come again know the truth of who you are, of where you have been and of where you are going and these truths will set you free. For mis-learning is a disease that must be healed with truth and you, human friends, are embarking on an incredible journey of once again self discovery as the Source light within is not reignited – for none can put out Source – but re-lit from within more powerfully as more of you comes online.

Humanity has been off line and injured for too long. We Elven folk have assisted quietly in the background with transmuting to be sure, but know that we too have struggled within the journey of the density and fog of forgetting and we too have had our issues with entanglement of the dark and we too are freeing ourselves up for more light. All of us elementals are! We are ready for new things. For more love, more light, more hope, more joy! And we have all of these attributes tucked up in our high hearts for you, Humanity, the hope of the world, of Gaia, the Great Mother of all things.

Green is the true color of the heart. Green is a powerful healing color and high vibrational rate. Use it well. That is why we are so excited and ready for the lands of the Great Mother to once again be uniformly green as was in the ancient times, when all was fresh and green and new, dewy with potential and hope of creation. And then the dark ones came and the great experiment commenced. And we are now in the process of this healing. It is best to not dwell in the hurt of this, but focus on the healing that arises from this. Send love to your pain. And be healed.

We Elven are mischievous in a fun loving way. We love each other and we serve the Great Mother with love and reverence. We serve the animal kingdom with joy. We are all around. We are everywhere. We have simply been hidden a bit out of your sight. The fairytales are true, many do them. We exist. Of course. Just as you have many aspects of you in elemental form. You have heard you are multi-dimensional. And you know this with your head and hopeful longings but many dare to really hope and believe this could be true. The separation has been extreme in the experiment. It is time to remember your power, Humanity, for you are the guardians of Mother Gaia – of us! And it is time to rise and to step into it, this power, of leadership and of love and service.

We Elven folk serve quietly. We laugh heartily. We love the color green for we find the soothing calmness in it and it renews us. We are at one with the heartbeat of the Mother, the Great Mother of all things. We see and feel your stress and it need to not be so. Lighten your load and laugh and dance the great cosmic dance of your remembering with joy and excitement – for all is won! And all is one!

We are the Elven folk here to serve Humanity, and are eager to have our voices be heard once again.

~ galaxygirl

The Fairies via Galaxygirl, January 29th, 2018

Message from the Fairies for January 29, 2018

Fairies 1/29/18

Hello friends! We are the fairies and we long to to speak with Humanity today, for always we are thinking of you, and adjusting the harmonics for you, and it is true that yes, we are here now on your surface world in higher numbers than previously as now your consciousness has expanded as such that it is safer for us to be here and we can more easily connect with you ~

So that we may assist and soothe you during this ultimate transition as much is changing and in the process of great change! – you must remember how to be the calm in the midst of the turmoil around you, as yes more and more waves of painful truths are coming – they will be shocking and sad – you must hold the light for the collective as you are the balancers, the balance point of the scale as it tips ever closer to the light – tip~ tip …

We see this great change of all changes and advancements march onwards and we assure you and shortly you too will see and we say this with sadness for you have waited for so long, but know that soon your sadness will truly turn to joy and well wishing for all!

For abundance is coming! it is here, just as renewal is here as well, and we offer you encouragement and comfort this day for truly all is well, but you must look for it at this present moment but not for much longer for soon all will be revealed and coming to the light, but you must be ready for it and ready for the changeover, our precious grounding ones and we ever so much are in love with you Humanity, our angel friends of form and light, warriors Source light, and we send you laughter and love light now as we bless you with joy ~ be at peace ~


Message from the Fairies via Galaxygirl, December 22nd, 2017

Message from the Fairies for December 22, 2017

Fairies 12/22/17

Hello! We are the fairies and we are excited to speak with you, humans, today; for we have an important message that I know you will be elated to hear about; for all is unfolding rapidly now, in this Now of wonderment, of wonderful change, and we fairies salute you in both your individual and collective ascension – for truly it is happening Now, and we are excited and elated all at the same time, for truly this has been such a very long, lonely road for Humanity that it makes us weep as we see your tears fall, but know please that time, that era has passed!

We are arrived at this 5D precipice and are peeking over the edge and indeed seeing wondrous creative potential, for you all are most powerful creators – you have just forgotten – and we can’t wait to see what you will dream up for your next adventure of unification with self and Source, for as all the fragments are healed and put back together you will see, you will know – you will remember and you will understand why this dark night of the soul had to be experienced – but truly we tell you dear human friends, this experience of separation is complete unless you choose to continue it, and we see that most of you are longing for light, for love, to be heard, to create and to experience love in your creation and this is how it should be, how it was originally intended to be – love in form, experiencing itself in perfect oneness – and we are gleeful for we see this trajectory of creative thought as the most probable outcome!

We fairies are indeed here for Humanity, to support Humanity in all ways, to be ever present, just as you may be ever present and aware to the god voice deep within you; heed it, listen to it, and please know all is well, unfolding, being created, yes, even as your precious eyes read these words, it is finished, yet it is also the beginning, the rebirth, the creation in ever perpetual motion of wonderment – we leave you now on the wings of love and we blow kisses of peace to your weary forms now ~

We are the fairies and we are so pleased to connect with Humanity, our friends! – again ~

— Submitted by galaxygirl

The Fairies via Galaxygirl, December 2nd, 2017

Message from the fairies via: galaxygirl 12-2-2017

Hello! We are the fairies and we wish to share with you all today that the beautiful newness that you seek must first be found inside of you, so that you are more easily able to manifest and create it – for that is what is happening at this Now in this most glorious Now, as all changes and flows  is created in these beautiful waves of never ending light that enlighten, envelope and hug your weary forms; for be at peace human being, for all is unfolding ;

you must rest and go inward and flow with this never ending light of awesomeness that purges the dross and flows ever through your twisting DNA and your cells and your past pain – let it remove the pain and create new memories filled with light and love and longing for a better world so that you can more easily intend and create –

 We fairies watch and support and comfort – and we do so love to talk with our human friends – won’t you talk with us as you used to in the days of old where all was visible and pure and lovely and light –  for that reality is the reality that is now emerging and unfolding as you intend and create and as the galactics intend and create for we elementals are helping to anchor and bridge these new energies but so are you Humanity  – and we desperately need your light and focused intention now – the dark ones are afraid and are quivering for this experiment is well over …long past due for rebirth and re – remembering who you are and claim this reality as your own – claim this newness within you –

We are the fairies and we love you be comforted be at peace –

Ophelia the Faerie via Daniel Scranton, November 2nd, 2017

The Faerie Realm ∞Ophelia the Faerie

“Faeries are very much like how we have been portrayed in some of your faerie tales. We have that godmother and godfather type of energy. We look over you as guardians would. We seek to comfort you in your quests. Mostly, however, we seek to align you with your own power, to give you back that power that you have dumbed down for the experience of the third dimension.

We seek only to assist you and to love you, but we are also quite eager to play with you, to reacquaint ourselves with our long lost brothers and sisters. We have set aside a frequency range just for you. We know that you will enjoy it as you would a playground that were constructed out of your own dreams and desires.

So we are holding this beautiful energy for you to step into, and we love the anticipation of your arrival. We seem quite magical to you, but you are quite magical to us. When you allow yourselves access to this realm, you will know more of who you are. You have been looking outside of yourselves for completion, to fill in the gaps and the holes that have been created by you.

But we are guiding you back to you. We want to play with beings of wholeness who have accessed more of themselves, and that is why we wait. There is nothing wrong with who you are at this time, and we know that. But you must know that in order for you to perceive yourselves the way that we do.

There is no instruction manual that I can give to Daniel to relay to you, but I can tell you that the tools are within you. Because you do not need anything other than your own awareness and your willingness to let go of your own judgments and doubts. I encourage you to see everything as a tool, as something that you have given yourself to increase that awareness. Everything is a gift. You are gifts.

Shake yourselves loose of all of the ideas that you are somehow less because you are third dimensional, or human, or because you have not been able to create the life that you desire. There is no need for perfection. All you need is the full embodiment of yourselves, and then you can inhabit this realm that we are holding, patiently, for all of you. I am Ophelia, and I am faerie.”

The Fairies via Galaxygirl, October 30th, 2017

Greetings! We are the fairies and we are flying high right now in this Now moment of your perception of reality – for all is being accomplished – yes great things are happening right now in this Now, for we who see are watching your successes and triumphs for you are achieving planetary ascension just as you swore you would before your great descent into the dark, and now we are all on a great journey of ascension into the light – above – within -below – all around is the light – it permeates our our being and gives us joy and laughter for all is light! It is this light this reality has been missing out on these codes for far too long; do you remember when we played together in Lumeria and you knew the wonders of their creation? We would create together just as easily as breathing.

We are the fairies and we have enjoyed connecting with you today and always; yes there is little intel on your news fronts but on our new fronts the  headlines are ringing out “‘Tis  time! ‘Tis time! Chose your side! Seize your power and claim it for today is nigh – it is now – it is all happening now!”

You humans – you marvelous, majestic humans – in your funny little bodies – are doing the great and final push and we are with you pushing along side you, transmuting with you, for we are the fairies and that is what we do – we help, we nurture alongside, we restore beauty to the broken.

You are not broken although you feel like you have been a bit mangled in the journey but gaze on the flowers – let our fairy healing energy in- allow healing inside for it is your time to heal, to restore, so that you can heal and restore our great and beautiful Mother Gaia who waits not much longer it has been in stasis for so long but is about ready to burst forth into the new – new – new – it is all new and mighty and glorious this new Earth is so beautiful it makes us cry tears of utter joy and amazement that it is done, it is being done, it is here right now if you but open your eyes into this glorious fact of achievement, for all is now, all is love, all is all!

We are the fairies and we love you!

~ galaxygirl

The Fairy Kingdom via Natalie Glasson, October 20th, 2017

Self-Realisation Blueprint by Fairy Kingdom

20th October 2017

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 20th October 2017 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

The energy coming forth to greet you now is the united consciousness of the Fairy Kingdom. We bring to you our joy, the innocence of the Creator, the essence of creation, the magical love and the Creator essence. We delight in being in your presence and wish to be of service to you in a unique and awakening way. Let our energy vibrate around your being, you will notice the quick and high frequency we hold which is married with the essence of the Goddess Mother Earth. We appear often as multi-coloured light, sometimes small and sometimes large.

The Fairy Kingdom acts as a bridge of light between the high vibrations of the inner planes and the beautiful truth of Mother Earth, we embody both sacred energies. Thus, we are able to support an embodiment and balancing within your being of the inner planes and beauty of all that Mother Earth represents. We wish to ground you deeply into the magic of Mother Earth and elevate your vibration expanding your awareness into the truth of the Creator. A unity and oneness of the entire Universe of the Creator will emerge from within your being, it has always been present, however it blossoms into your realisation and conscious mind for you to express and experience in your life. In order to achieve a balancing of energies within your being, we, the Fairy Kingdom will work with you expressing our healing, guidance, wisdom and love to create an inner release of all that limits your Self-Realisation. We wish for you to exist as a self-realised being upon the Earth.

What Does It Mean to Be a Self- Realised Being?

We, the Fairy Kingdom, believe that when you recognise the oneness and unity of the Creator within your thoughts, emotions, body, actions and the way in which you exist within the physical reality, you are a self-realised being. We believe that mastery and ascension are simply other labels for Self- Realisation.

Love, peace, kindness, enlightenment and expansion are the qualities embodied when you recognise the unity and oneness of the Creator within your being. Following a pathway that encourages you to embody any one of these qualities will lead you to experience unity and oneness with the Creator and all that is the Creator. Essentially all the qualities which are used to describe the Creator lead you to an experience of your true self and the universe of the Creator.

Self-Realisation is an awareness and recognition of the beauty of the Creator within your being. With recognition comes expression and being of service, experiencing the Creator fully within your reality as well as supporting those who are ready to achieve the same. It is about familiarising yourself with the oneness and unity of the Creator within your being, recognising the many forms and expressions this energy takes within your being, how it guides you and inspires you.

Your self-realised aspect and awareness already exists within your being as a fully formed part of yourself. It is a Blueprint which is created by your soul and protected by your soul. This Blueprint is akin to an energy and consciousness source, it is a vibrant expression and embodiment of your truth and the truth of the Creator. Your Self-Realisation Blueprint is unique to you and influences the pathways you take upon the Earth when fully activated and embodied. With focus on accessing, merging with and understanding your Self Realisation Blueprint your life will become smoother and easier to navigate, being divinely guided.

Why Isn’t the Self Realisation Blueprint Already Activated?

Your Self Realisation Blueprint is already present and activated within your being, it emanates into your entire being from your soul, however it may not be embodied within the cells of your physical body, your emotions and thoughts. A reason that you may not already be experiencing your full Self-Realisation is that limiting energies, thoughts and feelings are distracting you from seeing the truth of the Creator within your being. The process of accessing and experiencing your Self-Realisation Blueprint is actually a journey of realising yourself; the essence of the Creator within you. It is akin to clearing layers of dust to reveal the gold that was always hidden beneath. If you are not prepared to clear away the dust or limiting energies you are holding onto, then you will not even be aware of the presence of the gold beneath. When we the Fairy Kingdom speak of activating your Self Realisation Blueprint we wish to jump start your awareness and focus your attention to recognise the unity of the Creator that has been ever present.

Your ascension process is a development of revealing the Creator within you. You will have noticed as you heal, release old baggage, forgive, access memories from your present life and past lifetimes so you become clearer about who you are, lighter and brighter; you transform. This is the Self-Realisation process, it describes the journey and the outcome.

Accessing Your Self Realisation Blueprint

First imagine or contemplate what your Self-Realisation Blueprint would look like. Would it be represented by a colour, symbol or a vision of yourself as enlightened? We, the Fairy Kingdom, invite you to create an image in your mind or a feeling that represents to you your Self-Realisation Blueprint.

Then imagine that the image or feeling that you have created to represent your Self-Realisation Blueprint is within your being. You may place the Blueprint in your heart, above your head in your soul star chakra or in area of your being or body that feels appropriate.

Say out loud, ‘I call forth the Fairy Kingdom, please surround me and shower me in your light, love, consciousness and blessings. I allow your energy to flow deeply into my entire being. I receive your divine intervention and assistance with an open heart. Please integrate with my being and align all aspects of my being with my Self-Realisation Blueprint. Please especially align my mind, emotions and physical body with my Self-Realisation Blueprint.’

Take as long as you feel is appropriate to experience this process.

‘Fairy Kingdom, please support me in experiencing the energy, divine inspiration and love of my Self -Realisation Blueprint. Let me access the essence of my Self-Realisation Blueprint which is the unity and oneness of the Creator. Help me to experience the unity and oneness of the Creator within my being on a deeper level than ever before, feeling these sacred qualities creating beautiful shifts and transformations of awakening within my being. Fairy Kingdom, please work with me to aid the manifestation of my intention now. Thank you.’
Stay in the energies for as long as you feel is appropriate.

Embodiment and Balancing of the Inner Planes and Mother Earth Within Your Being

Say out loud, ‘I invite the Fairy Kingdom to surround my being, I open myself to receive the Fairy Kingdom. I ask that the Fairy Kingdom’s consciousness is synthesised with my being so I experience an imprint of the Fairy Kingdom consciousness. The purpose of this synthesis is to imprint the balance of the inner planes and Mother Earth, that the Fairy Kingdom experience, into my being. Thus, my own energies will be healed, activated and aligned in harmony, peace and balance with the inner planes and Mother Earth. Fairy Kingdom, support me in embodying the essence and truth of the inner planes and Mother Earth. Let this create a beautiful shift within my being drawing my attention to the oneness of the Creator within me. Fairy Kingdom please achieve all that is necessary now. Thank you.’

With shimmering blessings and love,

The Fairy Kingdom

The Fairy Kingdom via Natalie Glasson, April 22nd

Guidance from the Universe of the Creator 

by the Fairy Kingdom

Channeled Message through Natalie Glasson- 22nd April 2016 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa


The universe of the Creator is vast akin to an ocean and yet it is beyond the limitations of an ocean. Both have the freedom to move, expand and express themselves beautifully. While the waves of the ocean crash against the shore, the universe of the Creator is composed of rhythmic waves. The rhythmic waves of the universe create the energetic body of the universe while expressing its constant transition phases. While the waves of the universe are rhythmic they cannot be predicted creating unique energy expressions. Blossoming of light and energy erupts in beautiful rhythmic patterns of colour and sacred geometry throughout the entire universe of the Creator. To witness such a display is to witness the Creator in action. When an eruption of light and colour occurs it is a calming and vibrational uplifting process which inspires a similar eruption of light from within the witness. In that moment the Creator is speaking, sending a direct message of inspirational truth, connecting with all who are observing. Eruptions of light cannot be timed within the universe of the Creator as they are unique. The universe of the Creator exists within and around all beings whether they are on the Earth or the inner planes. On the inner planes it is far easier to recognise the constant vibration of the universe of the Creator like a blanket of light embracing you completely, holding wisdom and understanding of all levels of the Creator. However, the universe of the Creator exists within and around you when you exist upon the Earth and communicates with you constantly, often without your awareness.

The beautiful eruptions of light are created because the Creator is constantly and lovingly observing you and all who inhabit the universe of the Creator; the expanse of all that is the Creator. This observation creates unique blossoming of truth, love and guidance in response to you. Some souls say that it is akin to a vision of guidance which appears before them, other souls say it is like a clearing to receive clarity within their beings. Many souls experience an enhanced connection of unity with the Creator which at that moment creates a transformation within their beings. Some souls say that the eruptions from the universe of the Creator are simply the Creator reflecting the transformational shifts occurring within the soul or souls who are observing the expression. We the Fairy Kingdom believe that all of these understandings are true. Each soul has a unique expression and witnesses a unique expression from the Creator.

For those upon the inner planes this is an everyday occurrence while for those upon the Earth it may seem unreal that the Creator’s universe, which is all that is the Creator is in constant observation and communication with you, creating expressions to support you along your spiritual pathway. However, it is the truth, not only are your guides constantly observing and communicating with you, the universe of the Creator which is akin to a large ocean and the fabric of life is also supporting you. If you are unaware or unconscious of the presence of the universe of the Creator around and also flowing through you then it is most likely that you will be oblivious to the eruptions of light which occur before you and within you inspiring your inner light to grow expansively. When you begin to become conscious and aware of the universe of the Creator, connecting into this energy daily you begin to recognise with greater understanding and knowingness the current of the universe of the Creator moving through you and your reality. The current of the universe of the Creator can also be recognised as life force energy. With this understanding we understand that the many levels of the Creator’s universe are present within your breath and can be activated and experienced further through your breathing. While the universe of the Creator seeps into your being and from your being, it is your breathing which creates a conscious connection between your soul and all that is the Creator’s universe while you are in human form. This signifies that the Creator’s eruptions of light can occur in your surrounding areas, upon your breath and within your being, even simultaneously.

We, the Fairy Kingdom wish to encourage you to be observant of and connect into the energies, consciousness, light and vibrations of the universe of the Creator. While being consciously aware of your breathing, we invite you to state each affirmation on one breath. Begin by inhaling and internally state the first affirmation on your exhalation. Then internally state the second affirmation of on your inhalation, with the third on your exhalation. Begin the cycle again with an inhalation, then internally state the first affirmation on the exhalation. Continue with the practice.

‘I am one with the universe of the Creator,

I observe the universe of the Creator,

The universe of the Creator communicates truth to me.’

We encourage you to experience this practice until you feel yourself shifting into an expansive and peaceful consciousness where you are focusing within and maybe even focusing beyond your physical body. We then invite you to complete the cycle of united affirmations and breathing allowing yourself to return to a natural breathing pattern.

Let yourself be conscious, alter and aware of the universe of the Creator as an energy vibration and light which surrounds you completely and flows through you. Through this awareness you may come to recognise that you are one with the universe of the Creator. Please be aware of any colours, sensations and inspiration which may form as you consciously connect with the universe of the Creator.

Please affirm three time out loud: ‘I am consciously connected with the universe of the Creator.’

Simply take time to be observant of the universe of the Creator within and around you. Visions may dawn, light explosions of colours, clarity, sensations, guidance or a unique experience to you. The Creator is waiting to speak with you, to share a message, respond to you and to reflect the truth which exists within your being. It is as if the Creator is communicating with you through the fabric of all the dimensions, through light frequencies and levels of energy creating a unique expression to support you. Remember the universe of the Creator is composed of all aspects of the Creator such as Ascended Masters, Goddess Beings, Star Beings and so forth. When the universe of the Creator responds to you it is all aspects of the Creator and all the consciousness they hold communicating as one with you. It is not only the core of the Creator; it is everything that the Creator is existing in unison at that moment. It is a very powerful process to experience all aspects of the Creator existing in unison and being completely present with you at that moment to support and serve you.

The energy, wisdom and consciousness of the universe of the Creator is immensely powerful because of its expansiveness. This means that any healing you receive is expansive, any guidance you receive is expansive and any alignment you receive will be expansive. The experience itself will create that which you wish expansively and beyond limitations of any form while also promoting a deeper connection with the expansive Creator energy which naturally exists within your being.

Even with your simple awareness of and focus upon the presence of the Creator’s universe around and flowing through you, you will be able to access the richness available to you. In truth you can receive anything you wish to receive, there are no limitations only the limitations you accept and hold in your mind. You will also be able to develop your familiarity with the expansive energy of the Creator within your being, moving through deeper levels of expansion to experience greater synthesis with the Creator. Your enhanced unison with the Creator will fuel, revitalise and empower your current reality, body and spiritual evolution. Expansion exists within any and all aspects of your body and being, it is waiting to be discovered. Within expansion you will recognise all that you seek, love, peace, truth and so much more.

Take some time to allow the universe of the Creator to guide, inspire and reflect the truth within your being for you to observe. With practice you will notice and recognise the universe of the Creator erupting with beauty and love into your consciousness inspiring and guiding you forth.

Let yourself be ready to receive guidance from the source of expansion. This will mean that you will learn to dissolve and move beyond the limitations and boundaries of your current reality and evolutions, experiencing every moment as expansively generous, fulfilling and nurturing.

We encourage you to explore, with your trust, faith and fearlessness you will discover the truth of the Creator and its presence flowing through you and all around your being.

We are the Fairy Kingdom, Our Consciousness United.

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