Love is our new reality

The Fairy Collective via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, July 26th, 2018



We are the fairies and we are so delighted to be able to speak with humanity this day of all days where the astrology signs are all in alignment and great energetic waves are bombarding our Mother Gaia in this Now moment; and we are so pleased that you have had the chance, the opportunity to chat with our friends the butterflies! For they really are our special friends as they help us tend to our sweet flowers who are our pride and joy.

And we so appreciate it when you humans take time to talk with the flowers for they love to listen and in turn have a lot of comforting things to offer you in turn as words of encouragement, advice, you name it! Talking with the flowers brings such peace to the frizzled human soul that it is one of Mother Gaia’s simplest gifts to you human friends and we welcome you to talk with the fairies as well! For we have a lot to say and are so pleased to have this opportunity to reconnect with our seemingly long lost friends.

For too long we have been cut off from the magic places, at least that is what it seems to us for we are so very ready for the entire world to be magical once again! And it is magical if you can see it with 5D eyes out of the fog and guck of 3D that is so gross and we are so very tired of it of the muck and filth and pain – no – no – we are very ready for light! For love! For laughter and if you listen carefully we will tickle you and make you giggle a bit and we are feeling silly now at this moment for we are so happy and we so want our tired slogging human friends to feel the light, to feel the love, and to react to it in turn with more light and love for each other – for our precious animal friends, butterfly friends, and to once again be the sturdy, strong and reliable caretakers for our most precious Mother Gaia, our planetary mother who loves us without end and has been so tremendously patient with what humanity has knowingly and unknowingly created that harmed her.

It is time for renewal, for more light and love and we fairies are leading the way with humanity, arm and arm and holding your hands – oh they are so much bigger than ours – it is really quite funny – for we see you as big and slow and becoming sweeter which is magnificent and as many of you have a bit more to go, many of you others have come so far and are embracing your Christed light your fairy self and all of the other aspects of you that have been blocked, cut off, and all of that is now coming back into your alignment once again and it will make you feel more complete, more comforted, like you’re finally cozy and comforted again and you will realize that you are what you have been looking for this entire time!

We are the fairies and we know that we have talked awhile and yes we do have a lot to say and we so appreciate you human friends and we thank you we are the fairies!

~ galaxygirl