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Gadabov from Sirius via Carina, July 28th, 2018

Gadabov from Sirius

July 28th, 2018

Channel: Carina


You have your power within you!

I am Gadabov from Sirius. It is time for us in the higher spheres to, through our messages, take those of you who wish to go further into the era’s very high energy of grace and co-creation. There is no linear time where we are. Thus, we must leave it up to yourselves to create the time line that fits you best for the next phase of your ascension.

The time for change is here and other things that you had in mind, as you formed your picture of your future, might happen and show themselves to you. The time that you together with others choose to live in has large changes in its womb for everybody, but you must understand and be clear about that there is nothing that we can do to help you forward if you yourselves do not have the intention to change from where you are. You are the Masters you have waited for and now you will guide yourselves out into the freedom to make your own decisions.

You have lived in an oppressed world. You have lived in an era when the energies did not allow you to be those that you in truth are in a higher dimension. However, in truth, you have never been lost from yourselves. In truth you have always been your own creator and you have never ever been a victim of anybody else’s choice.

Now, be aware that you at any time can stand up and choose your own life ahead of other people’s wishes. Be aware that the power you have is not locked into a small box, but is available in the now where you are right now.

You have chosen to come here by your own free will. You have chosen to do this exciting journey out of curiosity and an inner wish to get to experience something else than what you have chosen to experience when you are in the light. You have chosen to get a new perspective of yourself and the life you have at the other side. Be aware that nobody else than yourself have chosen to be here and that you in truth knew that you would not do a simple journey. You looked forward to “playing” this game a bit like you might look forward to ride a roller coaster, but then change your mind when it goes down steeply.

In truth you are not only here to help Gaia and the rest of the Universe to ascend. The Evolution is guaranteed and you will always be brought forward in some direction wherever in the Universe that you decide to be located. In the time that you now have chosen to be in you will receive new directives from yourself at a higher level. You will guide yourself back into the paradise that you not only have chosen to return to, but you have also been guaranteed that you always will come back home to after the expeditions you choose to experience. Just as the roller coaster in the amusement park the track you follow will take you back to the place where you entered and you will be happy, but maybe a bit giddy, leaving the cart where it all started. You have now a new experience with you in life and feel grateful to be back on solid ground again.

The time that is now arriving is a time of change when your energy raises its frequency and it will be impossible to hold on to the old. When your energy is raised up you will slowly or fast adapt your lives on Earth to it, but the exact linear time is not possible to give, as the new energy encompasses an adjustment of thoughts, feelings and actions from you as an individual.

Be within yourself. Be aware that you are one of God’s creators within yourself. Be aware that no other individual or energy ever is stronger than the one you are. Be aware that the life you have chosen to experience on Earth in truth has not been easy. Be aware that you have a fantastic gift to manage it and that nothing ever can stop the evolution that we together are going through in the Universe. Make yourself free from other’s energies. Choose yourself and let others choose themselves and their lives. Create the best you can within yourself and walk in peace.

I am Gadakov from Sirius and I wish you good day.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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