Love is our new reality

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The Fairies via Galaxygirl, December 2nd, 2017

Message from the fairies via: galaxygirl 12-2-2017

Hello! We are the fairies and we wish to share with you all today that the beautiful newness that you seek must first be found inside of you, so that you are more easily able to manifest and create it – for that is what is happening at this Now in this most glorious Now, as all changes and flows  is created in these beautiful waves of never ending light that enlighten, envelope and hug your weary forms; for be at peace human being, for all is unfolding ;

you must rest and go inward and flow with this never ending light of awesomeness that purges the dross and flows ever through your twisting DNA and your cells and your past pain – let it remove the pain and create new memories filled with light and love and longing for a better world so that you can more easily intend and create –

 We fairies watch and support and comfort – and we do so love to talk with our human friends – won’t you talk with us as you used to in the days of old where all was visible and pure and lovely and light –  for that reality is the reality that is now emerging and unfolding as you intend and create and as the galactics intend and create for we elementals are helping to anchor and bridge these new energies but so are you Humanity  – and we desperately need your light and focused intention now – the dark ones are afraid and are quivering for this experiment is well over …long past due for rebirth and re – remembering who you are and claim this reality as your own – claim this newness within you –

We are the fairies and we love you be comforted be at peace –