Love is our new reality

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The Galactic Federation via Blossom Goodchild, December 2nd, 2017

Hello my friends. There are so many questions that people are asking me to ask you … I am not sure which ones are appropriate, which one’s are not and indeed,  if you would rather have your own agenda in this message today?  So, I thought I would just begin and see what happens.

Blessings … of/from … the Highest Energy that we are able to filter through to Each and Every One as they read these words. For we are aware that one is recognising that by ‘placing oneself in the flowing life-stream’ created by deep breathing, one is able to receive and connect with these Energies on a level of understanding that did not take place in days gone by .

Yes, I definitely feel a different/Higher Energy coming through these days.

Which of course, in turn, PROVES that you, yourself, have allowed and given permission of self to lift your Vibration into one that brings forth thoughts that are more deserving and serving … to/of … self.

Someone asked if you could do a meditation to help us accept and recognise that we ARE NOW in a Higher frequency  because it makes a difference when we know it.

At this time, we would simply say that it is a matter of breathing through it … and stating ‘I KNOW NOW I AM HAPPILY VIBRATING WITHIN THE HIGHEST FREQUENCY THAT ALLOWS ALL THAT SERVES ME TO FLOW THROUGH ME’.

I smile … for instantly I am aware by those words, of a little project I am working on!

And maybe, with respect to all those who have asked other questions, we would care to discuss this ‘not so little’ project of yours.

Oh! By all means. Fire away. Although, I’m not sure I am fully ready to ‘put it out there’ at this stage,

Yet, we say the sooner the better. Let us for now then, make this an introductory process that will assist in leading into the full proceedings in a short while.

Yes. I had in mind for one to ‘hop on board’ in the new year maybe. Always a good place to start.

So, we offer this preface.

You have named it THE GAME CHANGER PROJECT. You were aware when you created THE GAME CHANGER video that within you … it produced strong FEELINGS of KNOWING. We offered those invocational words to all, for in essence they are FEELINGS/THOUGHTS defined in words, so that one may express the heart. Again, as we now shall state many times … over and over … it is about ALL these offerings dancing in to one’s Being through the intake of the breathe and then flowing out again to the ALL. It is the DEEPER FEELING that one is NOW able to reach and by doing so … all thoughts and FEELINGS have more EFFECT … as they … AFFECT!

This project that you have in mind Blossom, was part of an agreement we made to BRING FORTH the Human BEING into its rightful place and to offer assistance in doing so.

In your BEING you desire it to reach so many, as do we. Yet, we wish you to know that sometimes it is not necessarily the ‘how many take part’, although this is extremely beneficial, yet, it can be the simple ‘putting it out there’ that too, has a great effect.

We say this, so that many souls who have put much effort and Love and time into perhaps, writing a book or starting a project for the upliftment and betterment of mankind, and find that the books are not selling, or no-one is turning up for the courses created. Do not be disheartened … for it is the Energy one gives out in the creating of, that is of much importance also.

Your ‘Divine Plan’ Blossom, is to offer a format that one can ‘tick off’ on a daily basis and in doing so, allows the soul to BECOME more of itself.

Yes, The reason being that we are so easily swayed by other things that we consider more important or necessary to do , when really they are not. WE … I … THE ONE … is of the MOST IMPORTANCE, if that is the way forward to bring this Golden Age into play. I, myself, feel the need to take more action on a daily basis and in doing so … I uplift myself and All.

This is correct and fitting. We encourage you to see it through. We desire that Each and Every one chooses to become more aware of that which is important to ones well-being in all areas. If you do not feed the soul … it becomes weak and hungry and does not function to its best ability.

In the same way … so many are becoming aware of that which they choose to eat. For in these changing times … in this ‘cross over’ … there is much recognition of the necessity to ‘look after’ and ‘serve’ that which will reciprocate by law, for the betterment of Life itself within the human form.

Dearest souls … We are aware that Blossom is working on this project …

You see, I panic a bit now, as I don’t want you to build it up to much in case …

In case?

In case it is not greatly /worldly followed through, yet as you say … that matters not. It is nothing spectacular in essence … Yet, IF it was passed on and momentum grew then indeed it could be spectacular. A bit like the ‘Pay It Forward’ movie/idea. So simple, so coming from the right place and still to this day people use the ‘Paying it Forward’ method. I know I do … It feels right. I feel I should state here, this projectit is merely a list of ‘to do’s in a day’ … in order to keep us moving onwards and upwards. I will elaborate more in time to come.

This we know. And we look forward to watching its journey.

I have to say, I feel a little more confident about it knowing we had agreed to do it. I am not professing to be a professor or anything! I just want to share that which helps me along the way … seeing as I am in the position to do so!

This is so.

Can we move on for now … as I am hoping to elaborate more at the White Cloud meeting on Sunday and hopefully put the video out to share more of my idea.

We can indeed move on, as you wish … to which question?

Well, I just closed my eyes to see which one came to the forefront and it is about the orange light’s that are appearing in the skies, many of them. Plus, strange sounds and also, this rather amazing photo that was captured … which give the feeling to many that they are somehow all connected. Are you able to speak of this?

( link to photo httpss:// )

Yes, we are, as we feel it will serve.

First of all, we shall speak of the phenomenal photograph of the sun’s Pillars of Light coming down and penetrating into your Earth. The Energy of these Rays are that of incredible impact upon ALL of the Earth’s FEELINGS. Meaning those upon, within Earth. All Life that lives upon your Planet is affected by this.

But what actually are they?


This is freaking me out a little and my heart is beating faster … for ‘information’ is what you said would be contained within ‘The Pillars of Light’ that were spoken of, I think back in 2011, and you and I had a bit of a fall out because you said they would  show up before they end of the year … and they didn’t. I am sure you recall?

Of course. Misunderstandings easily occur when ‘time’ is involved, for we are not of it or indeed, in it or ‘move by it’.

So … dah – dah – dahdah -dah -dah!! Are these the Pillars of Light you spoke of?

The forming of. The beginnings of. The introductory version of.

Wow! That has surely taken me by surprize.  What are the Lights above it … like a connected trail?

These are the visible Lights of a ‘Light vessel! They are, for want of expression  … ‘conducting’ these Rays.

Are these Rays FROM the sun?

We answer yes, and yet, without the ‘control’ element from the ‘ship’, they could not occur.

For it is that which is ‘of’ the sun, that can be utilised to ‘produce’ the Rays which are able to carry within them the information.

Ok chaps. IN MY TRUTH … After all these years of working with you, I have learned that YOU ARE TRUTH. Even though ‘this kind of stuff’ does make me question as to whether or not my mind is making all this up! Yet … I HAVE to follow this through … even though I question it. My apologies for doing so, to you The Federation Of Light, and to readers for whom I may be putting doubt into your minds, that wasn’t there to start with.

Blossom, our friend and colleague … what is it exactly that ‘befuddles you’?

The reality of such things! Yet I know all things are possible. Yet, I question as to whether it may be a weather phenomenon or photo shopped, as opposed to Pillars of Light created by ET’s/Light Beings … that contain information for the benefit of all upon our Planet. With the greatest of respect you understand?

Yes, we do. Yet, we smile, because when we don’t produce that which we say we will within the correct timing, you …

Lose my rag!

Thank you … and then when we do … you do not believe us!

Yep … gotta laugh at myself there! Again, why I was chosen, out of many, also ‘befuddles’ me, for this very reason.

So, with this in mind … let us continue if we may?

Oh lets. How does the information become The Pillar?

How does a little ‘empty’ stick that you insert into your computer and press a button, then become and contain file upon file, that then remains within that stick when it is removed from the computer?

Eh, probably not the best one to ask on that one! Yet I see your point.

The Rays produced … these Light Pillars … are not only charged with ‘SUPREME ENERGY’ … being that they are OF the sun … Yet, this also allows them to contain the information provided that is ‘projected’ into them.

Yet, how do we receive the information? … and …  WHAT is this information?

It is not suitable for us to ‘tell you the exactness’ of that which they contain … for as and when you receive their knowledge banks, you will know. They are designed to be received by those ready to receive them, in this particular way. Which is quite complicated to explain and yet, necessary to be delivered in this fashion. May we also say that such information cannot be received by those that it is not meant for … on many levels of explanation … and on many levels of discretion.

Ok … I get that. Yet, in general the info is meant for the masses?

The masses that are ready … and they are. In the same way we gave ‘sound’ to awaken and open up the envelopes within … with instructions contained. There will be more of these to come in future days … yet they are not just ‘thrown about hither and thither’. They are not forgotten by us, simply ‘spaced out’ … in order to be absorbed fully.

In my innocence of old … this would all seem so far – fetched to me, yet, we just have to take a look at the Sci-Fi movies these days and it doesn’t seem very farfetched at all! So, what happens next?

More and more will be seen in this way. These Pillars, at this time are ‘attached’ to the sun. Yet, in time, as we once showed you long ago Blossom, they will be seen crossing your skies and ‘sending out information’ as they go.

I remember that vision you gave me very clearly. Sure will be nice to see!

Oh ! You have no idea what such visions shall awaken in you. For you see, with recognising your Higher Vibration that you are now residing in … you shall be able to ‘see’ things that are OF THAT HIGHER VIBRATION. They were always there, yet, you were not … NOW YOU ARE!

YOU CAN FEEL IT … and this FEELING just gets better and better as you continue to raise the frequency within this Higher Vibration … up through its many different levels.

Well, I feel we are done for today, my brain is tiring. Yet, there seems so much more to cover,

All in good time Blossom … for we have eternity to do so.

Many thanks Guys. I wasn’t expecting this today at all. Bring it on!! One quick question though … How come this picture didn’t ‘hit the world’?

You know why Blossom. Yet this too, will change in time.

Yes. Media control etc.

Indeed … Where upon we shall take our leave for this day.

We thank you and send our Love to Each One … which we know now can be felt on a much Higher intensity ….

In so much gratitude to you also, my friends. So be it.


Make every day a HAPPY HUMAN DAY!

Please revisit The Invocation ‘We are the Game Changers’ whenever the mood takes you … to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

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