Love is our new reality

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The Fairies via Galaxygirl, January 29th, 2018

Message from the Fairies for January 29, 2018

Fairies 1/29/18

Hello friends! We are the fairies and we long to to speak with Humanity today, for always we are thinking of you, and adjusting the harmonics for you, and it is true that yes, we are here now on your surface world in higher numbers than previously as now your consciousness has expanded as such that it is safer for us to be here and we can more easily connect with you ~

So that we may assist and soothe you during this ultimate transition as much is changing and in the process of great change! – you must remember how to be the calm in the midst of the turmoil around you, as yes more and more waves of painful truths are coming – they will be shocking and sad – you must hold the light for the collective as you are the balancers, the balance point of the scale as it tips ever closer to the light – tip~ tip …

We see this great change of all changes and advancements march onwards and we assure you and shortly you too will see and we say this with sadness for you have waited for so long, but know that soon your sadness will truly turn to joy and well wishing for all!

For abundance is coming! it is here, just as renewal is here as well, and we offer you encouragement and comfort this day for truly all is well, but you must look for it at this present moment but not for much longer for soon all will be revealed and coming to the light, but you must be ready for it and ready for the changeover, our precious grounding ones and we ever so much are in love with you Humanity, our angel friends of form and light, warriors Source light, and we send you laughter and love light now as we bless you with joy ~ be at peace ~