Love is our new reality

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The Fairies via Galaxygirl, October 30th, 2017

Greetings! We are the fairies and we are flying high right now in this Now moment of your perception of reality – for all is being accomplished – yes great things are happening right now in this Now, for we who see are watching your successes and triumphs for you are achieving planetary ascension just as you swore you would before your great descent into the dark, and now we are all on a great journey of ascension into the light – above – within -below – all around is the light – it permeates our our being and gives us joy and laughter for all is light! It is this light this reality has been missing out on these codes for far too long; do you remember when we played together in Lumeria and you knew the wonders of their creation? We would create together just as easily as breathing.

We are the fairies and we have enjoyed connecting with you today and always; yes there is little intel on your news fronts but on our new fronts the  headlines are ringing out “‘Tis  time! ‘Tis time! Chose your side! Seize your power and claim it for today is nigh – it is now – it is all happening now!”

You humans – you marvelous, majestic humans – in your funny little bodies – are doing the great and final push and we are with you pushing along side you, transmuting with you, for we are the fairies and that is what we do – we help, we nurture alongside, we restore beauty to the broken.

You are not broken although you feel like you have been a bit mangled in the journey but gaze on the flowers – let our fairy healing energy in- allow healing inside for it is your time to heal, to restore, so that you can heal and restore our great and beautiful Mother Gaia who waits not much longer it has been in stasis for so long but is about ready to burst forth into the new – new – new – it is all new and mighty and glorious this new Earth is so beautiful it makes us cry tears of utter joy and amazement that it is done, it is being done, it is here right now if you but open your eyes into this glorious fact of achievement, for all is now, all is love, all is all!

We are the fairies and we love you!

~ galaxygirl