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The Nordic Elves via Angel, September 29th, 2018

The Nordic Elves via Angel

September 29th, 2018



We are the Nordic Elves and greet you with beauty and dance from the mist of veils. We want to make ourselves seen and heard for you who feel a calling to get in touch with us and help in our work to heal and protect nature and the plant kingdom.

As you know we are shy and this is only due to our incredible sensitivity and love for our Mother Earth. Only those with a genuine interest in serving Mother Earth are those who will receive an invitation to work with us.

To protect and shield nature and the plant kingdom it requires a very subtle and feminine frequency, but here we are for those of you who feel you are called upon. We ask you to come out to us in the mist of veils, close your eyes and honor our beautiful planet and let us teach you all our knowledge and show you the way for how you can work as a bridge between our different worlds. Oh beautiful you, come and see how much we rejoice over establishing bonds with you and share our enormous love and happiness over being able to function as the protector of nature, as natures dancing source of love and as a loving touch for each loving thing in our beautiful nature.

With a white shine of love we now curtsy for you and invite ask you for a dance.

The Elves




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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