Sananda och San via Angel, September 30th, 2018

Sananda och San via Angel

September 30th, 2018


Beautiful lightworkers on Earth, it is with joy that I blend my voice with that of San in order to give you these words of solace.

Many of you feel some desperation because it feels that you are not going anywhere – again and again you get to experience different ascension symptoms, feelings and cleansings. I have heard how many of you doubt that you are going anywhere and if the planet really is ascending, or if you yourselves actually are part of the journey.

I want to give you solace and hope and most of all a feeling of confirmation that all is well and that you are strongly influenced by the ascension. Remember that you who have chosen to stand at the head of ascension process are those that are the hardest “hit”.

It is you who carry and anchor the light and raise the planet by raising your own consciousness. It is you that have transformed the collective consciousness by letting go of your thoughts, feelings, emotional scars and behavior patterns. And many of you also work directly with the collective consciousness and thus feel all the pain also from there.

Many of you who also naturally encounter challenges and comportments, addictions and habits that no longer serve you will be challenged.   Also the higher frequencies will continue to be in their form and in natural order they will survive. And with the frequencies that stream towards Earth your ego is challenged and accepts the challenge by making it extra hard for you.

With love to for your selves and with trust in the love of the universe be aware that all that is happening now is influenced by the fact that Earth is ascending. As soon as you notice yourselves being aware let go of the feelings and say to yourselves “all is well”. Since all is well and completely in order. Even the mistrust and feelings of hopelessness are completely in order.

With all our love and light we are with you for each step and in each breathe we love you.

Sananda and San




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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