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One Who Serves via James McConnell, October 1st, 2018

ONE WHO SERVES  (Channeled by James McConnell)


Om, mani padme hum;  om, mani padme hum, hum.   Greetings to you. 


One Who Serves here to continue on to keep on keeping on.  That is our motto.  That needs to be your motto as well.  Just keep on keeping on, keep it going.   Do not hold back.  Let everything go.  But at the same time, be calm, be neutral, be within yourself.  Do not attempt to be more than you are, but in every situation be all that you can be.  And if you continue to do that, then everything will take care of itself.  Because if all of you did that, how fast, how quickly The Event would come.  Just think on that.  Contemplate on that.  And just as St. Germain said, each of you have a part to play in this.  You are all a piece of the puzzle.  So bring the entire puzzle together.  Do it together.  Work together.  Do not work against each other.  Work together, because you are all in this together, because you are all one! 


You have questions now for One Who Serves?


JoAnna:  I have a question from the e-mail audience.  The first question is:  The FBI closed and locked down the entire National Sun Observatory facility.  Can you tell us what happened? 


OWS:  Yes.  Talk about synchronicity.  Wasn’t this part of your discussion earlier? 


JoAnna:  Yes.


OWS:  And it is important to know that this is one of the things that is happening behind the scenes.  Although it is not only behind the scenes now.  These things are coming out and being shared in various ways. Although those who are in the control situation attempt to hold it back.  They attempt to keep the populous, you might say, from knowing what is going on.  But certainly, they wanted to hold this back because of what is occurring out there in the space, out there at the sun. 


There are those ships that are coming, those ships that are presenting themselves now to those who have eyes to see.  But is is not only to those who have eyes to see, it is for those who have the technical equipment to be able to see them in terms of this observatory.  What did they see?!  That is the mystery here, but it will be cleared up very soon, because it cannot be held back.  These ships are coming through.  They are showing themselves, and they are going to show themselves more and more and more as these times, these vibrations, continue to increase.  It cannot be held back.  It is like the opening of the flood gates, and the flood gates have now been opened and the water, the spirit, the water is pouring through now and will take everything in its wake as it comes through, and it cannot be stopped.  Those of the cabal have attempted to hold this back as much as they could in terms of disclosure,  in terms of the extra terrestrial developments that are coming.  They have attempted to hold this back as long as they could, but they cannot hold back the flood, here.  Ok? 


JoAnna:  Ok.  Ok, one more:   Do people who are ascended go to the fourth or fifth dimension?  Do they go to Hollow Earth and materialize again in Hollow Earth?


OWS:  First of all, they do not go anywhere.  You will not go anywhere.  You are not leaving this earth.  You are going to be moving up within vibration here, right here on the earth.  And the earth will become the higher vibrational frequency, will become the higher dimension.  It is already in process here.  Those of you are in process of moving through this ascension,  moving through this transition, moving up in vibration, and you will move through the fourth–we say through the fourth, not to the fourth, but through the fourth dimension, into the fifth, and even higher beyond that.  So do not think In terms of going anywhere, you are staying right here. 


You are just going to move up in vibration.  It is similar to in some ways when you would go out into nature, you would be by a stream or near the ocean, or wherever it is that works for  you that brings your vibrations up, brings your emotions up.  You begin to feel the oneness with the earth when this begins to happen.   And when this begins to happen, you have raised your vibration.  And as you raise your vibrations, you are moving up in dimensional frequency.  You just may not be aware of it yet.  But we can tell you you are going to become aware of it more and more.  This is going to happen, and again, this is not going to be stopped either.  Even though those of the cabal have attempted to hold the ascension back, they have done everything they can with using chem-trails, attempting to bring disease, attempting to make people sick, all of these types of things to hold back, to dampen your pineal gland so that you cannot use your third eye center.  They have been aware of all of this.  And they have done everything they can to hold ascension back.  But is the same thing.  It is attempting to hold back the waters of the flood as it breaks through the dam.  They cannot do it.  Ok?


JoAnna:  Ok.  Thank you.


OWS:  Would there be other questions now?


 N:  Hi.  I wanted to ask, I have been having Reptilian energies visit me in dream state and also meditation.  It is feeling very safe and comfortable.  I just wanted to know is this Anunnaki and are they trying to engage in peaceful communications with us? 


OWS:  You must understand that all of the ones you are calling the Reptilians are not bad.  They are not all negative.  There are many who are very peaceful, very beneficial, and benevolent—we will use that word.  They are not attempting to harm or anything of this nature.  Now these ones that you are having in the dream, in the sense that they are coming as peaceful and more positive beings, you would say, it is because of your connection with them.  You yourself, who is asking this question, have a connection with them and it is a very positive thing, as we are finding it.  So just continue to allow it to be, and they will begin to show you things that you have not become aware of yet if you continue to allow the process.   So it is good that you are going through this and not feeling fear and all of this, even though they may have what you would call a scary appearance at times. 


You must understand that in the future times these appearances will all become normal.  It is just as your races here:  the black race, the brown race, the white race, red race, all of this, you are all one being, one people, and it is similar to as you have gone through your diversities and everything over the many years here.  You will go through this as well as these ones are introduced to you, and at times it will be somewhat shocking, but it will be overcome.  Just as you have seen these in your various movies.  They have been presented to you purposely to prepare you, certainly the Star Wars and these types of things, Star Trek.  They have been brought to you to prepare you for the differences in visualization or differences in those appearances that these different civilizations have.  You See?  Is this sufficient for you who asked this? 


_:  Yes, thank you.  (Sorry, I couldn’t unmute myself.)


OWS:  Other questions here?


_:  Greetings One Who Serves.  We have a guest here who has frequent _____ who  would like to know why it is so difficult to try to remember dreams?  Thank you.


OWS:  We could not quite hear…


JoAnna:  He said he had a guest there that asked why is it so difficult to remember dreams.


OWS:   It is different for everybody, as we would look into this.  Everybody has their own understandings, their own types of experiences.  For some, it is very easy for them to remember dreams.  For some it is very difficult because there are things that are sometimes being blocked from you.  You are not ready for them.  Simply what we would suggest to you is before you go to sleep at night, just simply say “I will remember my dreams,” or “I will remember my most important dreams” and you will begin to have more conscious awareness of the dreams as you wake up.  But, this is important:  as you wake up from your dream, you must lay there for a little while and hold on to that dream if you can.  Do not get up right away because it will begin to fade.  And if you can, if it is possible, if you have the memory of it, is then to write it down.  Certainly then you can begin making a journal of your dreams.  This can be very helpful, as well. 


_:  Thank you very much for your assistance.




_:  This is really hard for me to bring up in front of a whole phone audience, but I have noticed as the storm is beginning to rage outside of ourselves, that it seems like the dark side of my own nature is beginning to rear its head within myself.  And I don’t even really look at it as my “darker part,” I mean it just seems a part of me, but it is parts that I would like to overcome, and it is really upsetting for m.  I feel like I need help.  I know I have my Higher Self and my guides,  but my question is, how can I overcome these “darker parts,” if you want to call it that, that are playing out so I cannot live to my upmost potential. 


OWS:  We can tell you, Dear One, is that these are your memories.  These are your programmed memories that are coming to you in terms of, and we have spoken to you of this before, where you come from and those battles that you have gone through between the dark side and the light side.  You have done this many times before, and you continue to do this in your memories, now.  They are nothing more than that.  If you look at it in that way, “ these are just my memories,” then they have no control over you.  You see?  But you are allowing the control to come because you have thought it was more than this.  You have thought it was the dark side of your own nature, as you put it here.  But it is not that.  It is just simply memories that are coming, the programming that has carried on from lifetime to lifetime into this particular lifetime.  And this is that linchpin lifetime, this is that one:   as all of this fades away, all of those memories will be forgotten, will be left in the past, because they will no longer be needed.  Again, if you look at it in this way, if you pursue it in this manner, just a memory, then the memories cannot hurt you.  Ok?


_:  Ok.  I will look at it as just a memory.  But when I do things that I don’t find conducive to raising my vibration, I know I shouldn’t feel guilt about it, but should I just continue on and continue  on as I do, and as time goes on some of this will be erased, because I am not very good at doing multilevels to look at things, as you know.


Shoshana (Joanna’s Higher Self):  Shoshana wishes to share.


OWS:  Yes, Shoshana wishes to share something here, yes.


Soshana:  Shoshana wishes to share, is that ok?


_:  Of course.


Shoshana:  Ok.  So, we find that it is your self-judgment that holds you back.  We find that you judge yourself.  We find that you decide whether you are good or bad in any given moment.  In the self-judgment, you will hold on to everything.  Release the self-judgment in each moment and practice that.  That is all I have. 


OWS:  Yes.  And as Shoshana is saying as well, use your will-power. 


_: (Laughs)  I feel I have none, and I know that is because I am just using the third-dimensional will where I want that higher will to come forth and help me, and I don’t know how to conjure that up. 


Shoshana:  Shoshana wishes to share.  The idea of will-power is as a muscle.  A muscle is weak when it is not used.  A muscle gets stronger as it is used.  It is a process, Loved One, to use your will in small ways as it gets stronger.  We all have the opportunity to use our will, and often we think we can use it in a strong way and that it should just be there, but it is not because it is as a muscle.  So simply begin to practice using that will and it will become stronger as you practice.


_:  Thank you.  It is kind of like courage, I guess, too.  You need to practice.  And then you will have more courage.  Thank you Shoshana and JoAnna.


OWS:  We will add here that much of this will take care of itself, as well, as you continue to practice and work through this and when you find yourself down there at the crater once again, there will be experiences there _____ those that we have spoken of before, but as well as others that will be there that will have some rather important experiences that will catapult them at times to further understanding of themselves.  This is all we can say about this now, but there are going to be some occurrences that are going to happen that will bring some of these things as you are saying here now that will take care of itself.  Ok.


_:  Yes, ok.  Thank you.  I was thinking that the crater would be a fantastic experience, so thank you.  Thank you all.


OWS:  Yes.  Any further questions here now?


_:  Yes One Who Serves.  Beautiful  day, here.  I wanted to ask you.  I have been given the information from my Higher Self to move in some daring new directions.  I have been playing way to small, and I need to get way bigger, and just step out on those skinny branches.  So I would like confirmation that you see this too. 


But also what specifically I would like to know is, I have three screen plays written which I always sort of thought would make a difference  in the transformation process on the planet.  I always thought they were kind of co-created by myself along with Spirit or Source.  Do you see these screen plays as being helpful?  Do you see it as one of my next steps to start those in action? 


OWS:  What we can tell you is if the screen plays stay where they are, then the answer is no, there won’t be anything happening from this.  But if you can utilize this and find the right ones to assist you, this is what is needed.  You yourself cannot do this.  But there are others who can help and influence, and bring these things about.  But we would also say do not spread yourself too thin, here, as we are finding it.  You go this way, and you go that way, and delve into this and into that, and willy-nilly all around.  What you find is that nothing gets done because you are not focusing, and this is what you need to do as we are understanding here, is more focus, more concentrated effort in certain areas.  And then as you do that, then you will find that some of the other things that you are working with will begin to come into fruition as well.  But you need to focus.  You understand this? 


_:  Yes.  I do understand it.  Is there any indication as to which direction to focus first? 


OWS:  That we cannot give.  That you must come to on your own.  But find something and focus on it.


Shoshana:  Shoshana wishes to share that one must choose one direction and put their efforts into that, and the direction that they choose does not matter because all things that you must learn will come from any direction if you choose one. 


OWS:  Yes.


_:  Wow, thank you, that was great.  Thank you, both of you.


OWS:  Any other questions?


_:  I have a question One Who Serves.  I want to go back to dreams, but not particularly one of mine, but an answer.  Why do we dream?  Why do we have dreams and that if the emphasis is on remembering them? 


OWS:  Why do you have dreams?


_:  Yes. 


OWS:   What would it be like if you did not have dreams? 


_:  Well, I wouldn’t like it.


OWS:  What would it be like if in your sleeping state you did not dream?  Ask someone sometime that does not have dreams or does not remember anything about their dreams  and they are in a quandary at the time because they wonder why they are not remembering their dreams and having these wonderful dreams such as some of you have shared in the past here.  So to answer your question why do you dream, you dream because you can.  That is why you dream.  You dream because you have the experience in your dream state of sharing yourself, sharing your higher aspect of yourself so that you have more experience than what you have here in your waking state.  You see?  It allows you to spread yourself more fully and to have more experiences, more understandings that you have during your waking state.  Eventually though, it will come together as one.  All will be as one.  In the higher vibrations, in the higher dimension after ascension, you will not have to even be concerned about this particular subject here because it will all be as one at that time.  Do you understand this?


_:  Yes.  Sometimes does it teach us somethings and guide us with our life with having some of these dreams?


OWS:  Certainly yes, very much so.  Whether you remember them or not, you are having the experience.  And the experience is recorded in your soul record regardless. 


_:  Wow.  Thank you very much.


OWS:  Yes.


_:  Can I ask a question please. 


OWS:  Yes.


_:  During one of the meditations with the group, I went very far with my mercaba , like far, far,  going to the galaxy and went to the planet that looked very dark from outside, and they were inside.  They opened up to meet me, and they said, “we were waiting for you for a very long time.”  Can you say anything about it?


OWS:  What we only can tell you about this is that this is a recurrence.  It is something that happened.  It is something real for you, and it is somewhat where there are those who are attempting to make communication with you, as we find it. 


_:  That was communication? 


OWS:  Yes, certainly.  They are attempting to communicate with you. 


_: Ok.  There is nothing else you can tell me about it?  Ok.


OWS:  Not at this time, no.


_:  No.  Ok, thank you.


OWS:  Any other questions here?  Then we are ready to release channel.  Anything from you,  Shoshana, that you wish to add here?


Shoshana:  No, thank you.


OWS:  Very good.  We are through here.   Just all of you now, keep on keeping on, as your saying goes.  Because very soon you are going to begin to get a glimpse, many different glimpses.  Many different vistas are going to open up to you that were not available before such as you are seeing more in the skies, you are seeing more of the ships, and you are becoming aware of more that is within the trees, within nature as far as the elemental kingdom is concerned.  All of this is coming about.  Those glimpses that we have spoken of from many times past, here, that are coming back to you, these various glimpses beyond the veil, even though the veil, as you have come to understand it, is no longer there.  It is only there because it is still part of the programming that keeps it there.  But as soon as the programming is gone, the veil will be gone, and everything will be open to you. 


Certainly your third eye center is more and more needed here now.  So begin to open it up in whatever way that you can do it.  Visualize, visualize, visualize.  And that will be the practice, just as Shoshana said, use the muscle there.  Do not think in terms of your third eye as a muscle, but utilize it.  Practice.  Work with it, and develop that area.   Soon, very soon, you will begin to see so much more with your physical eyes.  You will begin to be aware that your various senses will come alive to what is really there, the reality that is there, that has been hidden behind the curtain, you might say, for a log time. 


Shanti.  Peace be with you.  Be the one.


Shoshana:  Shanti. 


Channeled by James McConnell

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