Message from the Fire Salamanders for December 20, 2017

Message from the Fire Salamanders for December 20, 2017


Fire Salamanders 12/20/17

We fire salamanders speak tonight. For we are burning bright with love for you Humanity, and we will help light your way. Hold your light brightly and if you would like, we will gladly help magnify your brightness. We are excited to be able to have the opportunity to speak again with you in your Now, for much is unfolding. Envision bright neon colors of fire and light for that is how we are perceived and that is the realm of light and energy of fire that we dwell in, and enjoy creation from this vantage point of light and joy and beauty.

It is time that you embrace your own inner fiery beauty for why not? The universe sees you as lovely and bright, and you have done so much clearing, it is time that you rise up too and embrace the light within you, and also the magic of the fairy realm, for we are all around you. Magic is all around and woven within you to put you together with great love and purpose. Source light runs deeply in you – it is your DNA, why else would the dark ones enjoy tampering with it? Healing is now, healing is here. Claim it. The dark is past. We are now in the era of light, of love, of renewal and of hope.

We will light your way like lovely little luminaries along your winding twisting path homeward. Remember the path is within you if you only listen closely and deeply to your ancient song of light and of rememberings. We remember you and our times together fondly in days gone by, and we are happy to have this opportunity to be heard again.

We are enjoying the new energy bursts of fire and light from Sol, our sun, are you? Are you letting the light codes activate your stored memories of love and greatness? Of light and love and victory? Transmute with these powerful light bursts currently bombarding your Gaia and let it blast through the 3D crust like Sananda said. We like that analogy. We burst through crusts very well because we melt them with fiery heat of light! You too can do this. Burn it off. Remove the cocoon and shine.

We fire salamanders love you and send you bursts of happiness and joy from the great Central Sun now. Let it in! Rejoice in the light of truth and freedom that comes with true understanding and faith. We fire salamanders have faith in you, awakened Humanity. Love and joy to you tonight. We are ever your friends. Get us laughing and we spark! So do you – can you see how we are related in a way through the great cosmic dance of love? We can. We see this. It gives us joy to be a part of the great transition. Be at peace. And light up your path with joy.

— Submitted by galaxygirl