Love is our new reality

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Poem via Star Blossom Godess, December 20th, 2017

I spread rays of love
like sun its rays of light.
My rays swirl
in voice in breath in actions.
Pulsating so many can
embrace its vibration.
to shed their skins to rebirth cells
to harbor energies for peace.
So many can be healed to move in life
I spread my rays of love,
like the mighty ocean waves.
With its peaks of waves
that rise uniting
with sky and land.
With rays I send
to help usher in the change
long awaited for.
I with light-workers, Star-seeds
and all consciously awake
reach hands out so transition anchors
and humanity is reborn.
Heart oh heart
I awaken to the wisdom within.
To the gentle melody you play every moment.
To the journeys roadmap you carry as compass.
Heart oh heart
I conjoin my thoughts of mind.
To your endless pool that calls in grace.
To the tides of breath I swim inside.
Heart oh Heart
I whisper gratitude as I align.
To the castle that carries my divinity.
To the knowing I am a co-creator of my life
with The Divine.
Heart oh Heart open,
so I may feel, know, and act upon
as an awaken star-seed
ready to help humanity.
Ready to shine loves light
so others can feel free.