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Sarah via Ann Dahlberg, December 20th, 2017


Wednesday, December 20th, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Sarah and I am thankful to be with you here today. There are so many hearts that are waking up now and there are so many beautiful flowers being born. It is like sitting in a meadow where one exotic flower after another grow up and blossom into its full beauty. I just want to sit and enjoy this spectacle and I find it hard to pull myself away from this beautiful and wonderful experience. However, there is much that needs to be done. We all have our hands full. This goes for you on Earth as well as your brothers and sisters in the higher dimension of reality. These are busy days in the grand transformation. Everything has to fall in place in time and at the right moment.

It is the same for the reality that exists within you as for the reality that exists outside of you. You might have noticed that when you change your view on life, life also changes for you. It goes together, you recreate your reality and life takes you down a different path. It happens gradually and it is not always that you notice it, if you do not look back and discover and notice how much it is that has changed. It can be work, co-workers, family, social relations or your home. Maybe you have moved and changed living quarters. You might also have become more isolated in order to charge up for something completely new. You body might have needed some time in order to build up and adapt to the higher energies that are reaching Earth. If you have lived long in the heavy energy a greater adjustment might be needed than if you have lived a shorter time here on Earth. You have experienced more and it might be that the body has been exposed to more of a variety of sorrows and problems of different kinds. All bodies are now being retransformed and you will soon feel lighter of mind and body.

When you sit still in a meditation you can feel how it tingles inside of you. It is your soul and your essence at work so that you will be able to take in higher vibrations of light. You are receivers of the higher light and you are anchoring the higher light on Earth. It is big job that you are doing dear sisters and brothers on Earth. It is a big job you are doing by allowing the light to anchor itself in your body. You are the light bearers that make this whole transformation possible. You together with other beings on Earth help with holding the light so that the higher dimension of light can establish itself on the surface of Earth. You are our strong servants of the light on our Earth and you hold you light-sword or light rod high in the sky to bring down as much light as you can. Many children of the light have been born that now help you with this, but without your help it would not have been possible for them to be born. You are strong and you are loved beyond all understanding and we are all honored by your presence here on Earth. Mother Earth has now started her journey upwards and is grateful for all the light that you have sent to her and that so many of her children have woken up. Mother Earth can also see that there are many more on the way. It is as if a sleeping blanket is lifted up and all the life that is underneath is then revealed. It is as when you move a large stone in the forest and is amazed by myriad of life that exists underneath it. It is like going from a sleeping passivity to an awake creativity. You are all on your way to become awake, conscious and creative people. Earth now stands in the face of a large transformation and you are a part of this transformation.

I am so happy and glad for your sake. This is something you all have worked and waited for and expected to be able to experience.

It is a large and beautiful day that is being born and you are equally big and beautiful each one of you who walk down there on Earth.

I love you so much,




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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