Love is our new reality

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Message from the Galactic Federation via Blossom Goodchild, February 7th

 Blossom Goodchild – February 7, 2016

Hello, my friends. It seems many people enjoyed your meditation last week. Thank you. I have been wondering where you would like to take things from here?

Welcome to you and All. We are very much aware of the fact that you are keen to continue on in this fashion and yet, today perhaps we should steer the course onto another matter that we feel maybe of interest?

By all means.

Today we would be keen to speak of that which confuses the mind often. This concerns the subject of protocol?

Protocol? Oh! Um … regarding what?

Regarding that which allows the soul-self to perform that which it feels it can’t!

Such as?

A thousand things could be named. All one has to do, is think of something they think is impossible that they would like to accomplish (On a soul level … On any level) and there you have number one!

YOU HAVE BEEN TAUGHT … INDOCTRINATED … TO BE LIMITED … Because, it serves those who wish you to FEEL this way. It is as if a brick wall has been built around the ‘Spirit –Self’ which seems impossible to break down. Too bigger job! So, one plods along … under par … always very much under par. Even when one thinks they are on top form some days … in our eyes … they are very much functioning … UNDER PAR … UNDER POWER … from the Truth and possibilities that they are capable of Being!

It is our desire to assist you in breaking down this wall … so that you can BE FREE!

So, I am assuming that those ‘elitists’ that do not have our best interest at heart, are the ones that have blocked this off from us? Yet, how is it /was it done? How can we Human Beings who are SO POWERFUL be reduced … indoctrinated … so strongly … as to believe that we are pretty worthless and capable of little?

It is an intricate plan that has been improved upon as the years pass. New technologies fall into place … new ways of dimming the senses.

And, so many people have no idea that this is so?

This is surely a fact. Because that is part of the ‘plot’ also. To alleviate anything that ‘feels’ detrimental to the soul is considered ‘not on’ by those who desire to rule. To *expediate that which one KNOWS within … into something that it definitely is not… therefore, being able to manipulate and control.

One must keep in mind that these souls are here for a purpose … 

Which is? For my feeling, as you brought that through … was that it was for a good one (purpose )… and that can’t be right!

Why not? All things, Dearest Blossom, are presented to one in order for one to grow … to expand … to experience.

Yes, but the atrocities and the agenda that these elitists have in mind, are hardly sociably acceptable and designed to enhance one’s life experience … Let’s be honest!

Yet … That is your view point … NOW.

What if you were to CHANGE your ‘attitude’ … CHANGE your way of looking at this?

Do continue.

So, let us say that you have been … for many eons … dulled down … had the Light that you are, dimmed, through no fault of your own … (and yet … that is not perhaps the correct term.)  Let us change that if we may …

A very rare occurrence indeed.

Yet, we are not infallible Blossom. Let us change it to … ‘had the Light that you are, dimmed, in order to have supressed … that which is to once again be rediscovered’. 

For do you see? To rediscover the importance of this Light is to rediscover a WHOLE NEW WORLD … and THAT is what you have come here to do.


You have spent so much time in a haze … 

Yes, but again I have to say … (although you changed the sentence earlier) … was having our Light dimmed really our fault? I mean, we WANT to BE OUR LIGHT. We DON’T WANT to walk around in this haze … and yet, most of us do.

For a specific purpose. With respect … we ask you once again … to look outside of the square. To look ‘upon’ the entire jigsaw puzzle from ‘above’ … rather than the ‘little square’ you are working on … on a linear perspective.

MAYBE … PERHAPS … COULD IT BE POSSIBLE … that this ‘downfall OF man’ … this ‘corruptive system BY man’ … this Earthly disruptive way of living … was devised by YOU … by ALL OF YOU… every single soul … on the Earth … or off of it … in order to play out The Game? 


As you have pointed out many, many times. Yet, that indeed, is all very well when ‘above’ The Game. Yet, when actually ‘in it’ … it has a very different FEEL from when just looking ‘down upon’.

This we understand. Yet, who devised the game?

Am I supposed to say ‘All of us?’

You would be correct in doing so. So, then … NOW … let us move your thoughts into the reason why? WHY would you have created/devised this little ‘act’ in the play?

Beats me! I’d rather have an interval and go get an ice cream!!

Think about this Blossom. WHAT … ON EARTH … would be a suitable reason for the Human Race to ‘act out’ that which many who are awakening find ‘despicable’?

Well, I want to say … ‘To experience?’

And why would you want to experience such a mess?

Eh … because … Oh dear God … I don’t believe I am going to say this … and I don’t wish to offend … yet, I feel my answer is … forgive me one and all … Because we’re bored?! … Did I really just say that? … I mean, where did THAT thought come from?

It came from Truth?

Who’s? Mine? Or consciousness as a/on The Whole?


Of course. For I AM part of That Whole. Yet, come on Guys … REALLY? All this hatred, greed, war, rape, murder, starvation … I could go on and on … is happening because WE as ONE … as ONE CONSCIOUSNESS … got bored????????????

Let us TRY and soften the blow a little! You are … you cannot be anything other …

Than Love!

In order to expand every particle of LOVE … EVERY … EVERY scenario … EVERY possible possibility … HAS to be looked into … HAS to be created. So that … LOVE can experience itself in EVERY THING!

How else can it KNOW itself in its full complete BEING?



For there shall NEVER be a ‘time’ when LOVE is done. When it is through with experimenting. 


It HAS to experience itself in EVERY CREATION that is of/from itself. 

And so … this particular ‘little dodgy patch’ … on this little planet called Earth … is just another ‘creative experience’ in order for LOVE to discover another particle of itself?

Yes. Elsewhere … NOW … there is yet another ‘part of the jigsaw’ being played out … that is of the opposite experience to what is happening on YOUR Earth NOW. Maybe even on another Earth … for do not think yours is the only one.

Whoa … Hold the phone just one minute! There are more Earth’s hanging about?

Blossom … 

Yea, I know! What was I thinking … limited beliefs!!

There is EVERYTHING and more ‘hanging about’. Think of this word … ‘Everything’. It means ‘ALL THAT IS’ … EVERYTHING … and therefore, there is NO END OF THINGS. Therefore … there can be a million Earths. Therefore … there can be multiple galaxies … zillions of Universes … because…



And since it NEVER began … ‘IMAGINE’ all the ideas … all there must be ‘hanging around’ that was created by creation itself.

Now, let us move your thoughts on once again.

IF this is the case … that all that is taking place on your planet at this time has been devised by you … as an experiment in/of/through/as Love … in order for that LOVE to discover MORE of itself … would it not be more sensible … to surmise … that this little experiment HAS TO HAVE A PURPOSE?

Well, yes. Ok then. Let’s say it is to see how ‘nasty’ Love can get. (Not sure how else to put that!)

Being Love … having ALL POWER at your fingertips … and not only viewing … but FEELING how this particular exercise is going … as ONE CONSCIOUSNESS … how would one expect to ‘end it’ then? Having realised, that perhaps it has reached its peak and it is now ‘time’ … to close the act … have your ice cream … and sit back to ‘enjoy’ the next one.

So, assuming then … that WE ARE IN CONTROL … AS A CONSCIOUSNESS … and that we can’t just bring the curtain down … WE have to find a way out … a way to finish it.

And how would you suggest that be done?

Loving Everything? Loving Everyone?

And … The curtain closes on the act … and we feel … on this session.

Woo Hoo! Time for an ice cream!! Thank you. Love you!

Before we go … Your time ahead with the dolphins of the Oceans and all that accompanies it … is to be one of such magnitude for your wellbeing. 

Well, thanks for that! I know it will be so healing and uplifting.

Indeed. Indeed. Indeed.

Until your return … when we shall resume these communications once again … WE LOVE YOU.

*expediate … I looked this up and it is a variation of the word ‘Expedite’ … which means ‘to speed up’. It sort of makes sense. Afterwards, when checking through … I asked if this was right and they didn’t seem to want to change it. Just saying!

 Please revisit The Invocation ‘We are the Game Changers’ whenever the mood takes you … to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

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