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Mary Magdalene via Ann Dahlberg, 7 februari

Mary Magdalene

Sunday February 7, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Mary Magdalene and I want to say a few words to you today. The healing powers are strong now so take this opportunity to heal the tension in the body, which needs healing. Much of this you can do yourself, when you sit and relaxed and meditate. Feel where the tension is, get help from your guardian angels or guides and feel how it is dissolved. If the tension is strong it might need to be dissolved in steps. Do not give up, dear children. They disappear slowly but surely, regardless how deeply they are imbedded. Trust is important here.

Ask your guides to cleanse your aura and you will feel a big difference as it concerns you energy level. I, Mary Magdalene, will gladly come to help you with this. When you heal your aura it impacts your whole body. You renew your energy and feel stronger and healthier and more whole within yourself. The colors get stronger and clearer. Many walk around with somewhat dull auras that need to be refreshed a bit. Everything that you put into your body also impacts your aura, since your body and aura work together.

Everything is tied together, everything is One, but you might need some help on the way, so you get a little push forward. If one always has had a low energy you might need to experience how it is to have a higher energy, so that you know what you might strive for. All negative effects on the body from different pollutions that exist in our close by environment give automatically a lower energy. This implies that you consciously must strive for a higher energy by taking care of your body and give it the rest and energy it needs. Nutritious and pollutant free food balanced with activities and rest allows your body to more rapidly recover its strength and strengthen its immune defenses. All the poisons that you absorb in your bodies unfortunately damage your immune system badly.

It is appreciated that so many people have realized this and have started to cultivate in a more responsible manner, from an ecological perspective. This will turn the development in the right direction and you get a chance to heal your bodies and let your children grow up in a more pollutant free environment. Children have already when they are born too many pollutants in them today. It is lucky that the body is constructed in such a way that it has amazing capabilities for healing itself, just as long as you give it the conditions for doing this. It needs clean natural food and clean natural medication to have a chance to heal, preferably at an as early stage as is possible.

There are many excellent researchers and doctors who are aware of this and have developed naturally healing medications. There are healing herbs that people have known about for millennia, which are now rediscovered and worked with by these researchers. They have also been tested on people with severe illnesses, with good results. The future looks bright, my dear children. You have already done much and this will soon be disclosed, so that everybody can take part in it. Unfortunately many of these researchers have lost their lives, but other brave men and women have continued their work.

I thank you all for your patience and your courage!

My love for you is great.

Mary Magdalene



Translation from Swedish: Per Staffan