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Message from the Merpeople via Galaxygirl, January 7th, 2018

Message from the Merpeople for January 7, 2018

Merpeople 1/7/18

We merpeople rise from the deep of Humanity’s distant memories of days of old when merfolk and Humanity were comrades and of similar vibratory rates.

Feel the sea salt in your hair and the wind whip around your form for these are stormiest days of the deep as the dross of thought and form are being reprocessed from the deepest of deep, of Humanity’s collective rememberings. We reside inside the hollow of your sphere but some are us are starting to tentatively return for messages such as these. For it is time that our voices be re-heard as we have been for too long silent.

Why do you think so much of your mythology has merfolk embedded within? Much of mythology is based on facts that have been in turn twisted and changed for the dumbing down of Humanity. It is time that this changes and that you are able to see with fresh eyes, with the sight of one enlightened and informed of truths being hidden in plain sight. For many of you were there in then days of old, with us, alongside us, working with the oceans and the waters and the crystals buried deep within. Many of you have had such varied experiences in form it would fill a large library, and indeed your adventures and misadventures have been meticulously recorded within earth’s holographic matrix. You will be able to access the see stored memories when the time is right and when you are ready for it.

Do you feel the sea wind and salt and life caressing your form yet? Good. Now put a toe in the water and let’s go deeper. Look around you. Sand, fish, life is all around. Let us swim. Envision yourself in your merform and let us dive deeper. With 5D sight colors are brighter; you can communicate much more easily with the fishes and the mammals of the sea, for you are swimming together in the same heartbeat of the Mother and you recognize this eternal connection. There is great joy in this unity and cohesive experience of form. It is a delight.

Swim fast with me now, and feel the water caress you and propel you yet deeper. Crystal dwellings alongside caves are where we reside. We are surrounded by stunningly beautiful corals and fishes. We easily communicate with all life forms and we have nothing to fear here. In the past we only feared Humanity, but this too is changing, evolving into the higher realms of experience.

We are grateful for this, for we have missed our human friends and our interactions. We can always learn from another if we are open to it. It is time again that the merfolk reach out and let Humanity know that we are here alongside assisting greatly, deeply, with the transmutations of the oceans and we are working tirelessly with you as we all ease the 5th dimension into a very tangible realm for experience. Can you hear and see the singing crystals that surround our homes with your heart mind? They are incredibly healing and soothing to the human heart. Allow their vibrations to soothe you and caress your cares away. They are Master transmuters.

Say goodbye to your friends here and now as we swim back to the mainland where we met. We say goodbye for now, but not for long, as we have already established a connection. We welcome you to visit these healing waters whenever you wish, as these times of rapid ascension are tiring in form, to say the least.

We are here for you, ever in support of Humanity’s ascension, forever assisting from the oceanic depths with joy and service. We are the merpeople. I am Aieshla, but we speak as one.

~ galaxygirl