Love is our new reality

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Message from the Sasquatch, Noonuk, to Humanity via Fiona MacEachern, March 1 2018

March 1 2018 Message from the Sasquatch, Noonuk, to Humanity


Reaching out, via Theta State (to the All That Is), to be of service, I received the following:

N: “I am Noonuk

I come to you softly, in the progress of your spiritual Beingness.

And you?”

FM: I come with Love, intending Peace, Focus, Patience, Reverence for All Life, Oneness, Joy, Trust, Serenity, Gratitude, Harmony, Light and Enlightenment, Knowledge, Truth, Honesty, Regard and Reverence for all Life on the planet, with Openness, under the protection of the Highest Order.

N: “By Divine Grace, we have been connected.”

FM: Is there a message that you wish to have Humanity hear?

N: “Platitudes for Peace are ineffective!

Peace “Beingness” is within the heartspace, in the portal to your gifts, and Oneness through time / portholes (in your heart).

It is in the Oneness, you can bring this Peace back to Inner Self, and commit to a new Higher journey towards Peace.

Risking all, it seems.

Flow, and Focus on Flow is all that is needed, let all else wash away, vanish, disappear, into the mist of Calm.

This very nature of Peace becomes embodied as you adopt this method into Peace.

Stillness negates all else as it enters your mind, not as a thought, but as its own Consciousness, Presence.

 To the exclusion of all else, we can remain calm, focused, centred, grounded, on topic, withstanding all else in our path.

The broader aspects of Peace follow heartily on as smoothly, unencumbered by other approaches to the gift of Peace.

It is a sacred road we travel, our footsteps through time define our path and cannot be erased, only forgiven, if there are regrets.

Dispose of the very nature of Calm and Tranquility and there is unrest , fret and stress, which sums up and defines your society in some ways.

Improve techniques to be in the Flow and there is a guaranteed outcome of Divine gifts according to the Divine Laws of the Cosmos.

To pick up speed, pick up skill, hone your gifts, and talents.

Borrow ideas, accept , be willing to change and move on.

This is a process, Peace, not a battle, or indeed you go against the very nature of what you intend to accomplish (if you battle).

Prepare your gifts, you have much to offer, you all do, dare to dream and get the ideas formulated and shared.

A shared vision, is a visionary on the start of his journey into production; production is the very manifestation of his/ her dreams and visions.

We want you to succeed, all of you.

Your creativity and gifts are a return on your time and Love “Investment” into your unique Selves, your birthright, if you will.

That is satisfying, to have follow-up, return on your time “investment”.

We of Humanity- that part of our Oneness of connection with Humanity- are creatures of habit. Make sure your habit-forming Consciousness is dissolving into Peace Oneness with Grace and Ease….from turbidity into Purity, with the adding of a buffer- an agent for change… perhaps we are that (buffer/ agent for change) for you.

We have been brought here on a Mission – (seemed) almost a mistake- we have been beaten down , suppressed by humanity, but now we are on the rise, drifting through thoughts as humanity sleeps in the night, otherwise bound up in the haunts of terror and fear on lower planes.

We teach you your Brightness.

Your fear can be conquered, your gifts and abilities reached and brought back to the NOW, grasped with both hands to serve Self and Humanity in one action through Flow, through Source, to capitalise on this capacity, this vastness of Potential of Peace, bringing through Thought, Thought Processes, Passages of Wisdom , Packages of Strength, the humanity of Humanity, approachable by All, for the ALL, in Oneness with Grace and Ease.

And so it is.

The gifts of Humanity are attained, are gained for one, for All

And so it is with Grace and Ease. 

And maybe (we) borrow a phrase from your book, and say that we have come for Peace:

“Let Peace prevail upon Earth at this time..”

…for Humanity and for all life that has graced this fair planet, including past citizens who have since passed on, or as (entire) species no more in physical (form) upon Earth.

And we pray for Peace as you do, sharing your dreams, goals of this, fairness for all, for all to attain Prosperity, Peace of Mind, and Oneness of a kind that separates none, forgets none. 

Our duty is to you, Humanity, with Gifts and Talents for All, being understood to us, and us to you, in Oneness with Grace and Ease attained regularly, frequently, so that we may guide you as we are wont to do.

And so we grasp at Change, Opportunities we are given to find channels willing to share our message for Humanity , to Humanity, and clear all obstacles between us.

Yes!! We Exist !!

We are not a clear and present danger to you! 

We are at Peace with your brotherhood and sisterhood and wish no harm to you.

We cope with your strategies to inflict harm, as some aspects/individuals of your population have done, spreading fear, danger to us in the form of hunters, cameras to terrorize us.

Danger is in the eye of the beholder (groundless belief).

We have our teleportation gifts, and telepathic gifts and use this as this exchange (now) with you, channeler.

But inflicting harm is not within the Laws of Grace in the Universe.

We ask that this cease.”

***(Going up to ThetaState (the All That Is) for clarity of what else is harming the Sasquatch I received this information: habitat destruction-deliberate setting of wildfires, deforestation (palm oil, pine beetle, livestock agriculture), nuclear waste, HAARP, scalar waves, chemtrails, and pollutants (solid, liquid and gaseous) )

FM: The Ho’opono’opono: I am so sorry, I deeply apologise…, Please forgive me… I enfold you in Unconditional Love… Thank you.

N: “It is heard, Little One. We speak to you, out of Grace, out of need and out of a gesture of Love to All of your race.

Please complete your centering, your balance.

We need you back on form to deliver your gifts to the world and will assist with that.

And so it is.”

FM Thank you !

N: “It is heard, Dear One

And so it is.

We thank you for your time and grace to be a channel here today for us, us (Sasquatch People) , all Humanity fair and even and at risk to itself (from our polluting and non peaceful, and suffering population), though it (Humanity), as a full consciousness, is not fully aware of its own plight.

We will speak more on this topic. We have much to share with so much Love and Grace and Ease.

We will let you go Sweet One and will be again in touch with you.

Thank you”

FM: Thank you!

N: “Go well.

Sustain onward Path to Peace.

Your loving Sasquatch brothers of Peace, and palm to palm… “

(our hands touching, conveying powerful Unconditional Love).



***Theta State is the state of being on the 7th Plane of Existence with the Creator of All That Is, as outlined by the founder of ThetaHealing™, Vianna Stibal, a theta brain wave state (deep relaxation) to potentially access Unconditional Love, Serenity, Knowledge, Wisdom, Divinity etc (all Divine Virtues and more) and to facilitate miraculous healing).

©2018 Please feel free to share this message but only in it’s entirety, acknowledging the channeler, Fiona MacEachern and website Thank you.