Love is our new reality

Message from the Sun, May 31st, 2023


The earth is moving in a subtle direction,

and all particles, atoms and molecules, will

moved accordingly in their orientation.

Flow with these streams, and find out

in the change.




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31.05.2023 The sun

“In this time of change, I am spreading my strength. My intensity touches all the fields of life on earth. And with this I welcome the executioners, the light beings of the earth, the creator gods on an earthly mission.

My strength intensifies at every moment, because it is my goal to take your consciousness to a new level. Solar consciousness, or solar consciousness, merges with all-consciousness. Units of solar fluids flow into the cosmos and bring about strong changes in the still existing consciousness that is in the separation and in the structure of the evaluation.

The divine being flows to the earth. In the luggage is my solar flow, a source of information for adaptation to higher light levels. My mission is clear, and new instructions from the divine source give me the instruction to serve in a higher and stronger mission.

I complete myself in the task of bringing and integrating the sun’s knowledge, the sun’s dicts and the sun’s consciousness to the earth. My invitation to you says that you merge with me, with my light codes, my particles and information. Let me warm you. The result is an interaction that offers you new possibilities of adaptation.

I’m stretching out. My spectra flow to a new level and penetrate the atmosphere of the earth. Life lights are created. They are particles that promote and preserve life. Much that seems invisible to you changes the substances of life. You are realigning yourself. Often the flow also affects your bodies, and they are prepared for the reception of light by your decisions.

Always listen to your inner self. Every condition wants to be taken into account. The care of the physical body, its nutrition and its needs are at the same time alignment processes for light integration.

I would like to prepare you for my forces to move further into the flow of the earth’s substance and thus create the expansion of solar particles. Strong flashes create transformations in consciousness and a clarity that can take you further. This results in a postponement. You feel them in your consciousness, in daily life and align your decisions accordingly.

Disproportionately, I create solar flares that represent my strength and represent the movements that occur within me. Every soul is touched by it. In their high sensitivity, animals become even more sensitive to the being rivers of reality. This develops into another, adapted to the state, flow of life and an approach that moves away from old structures and duties.

In summary, I would like to draw your attention to my greater expansion. An expansion that makes you more sensitive and attentive. You can perceive my voice and recognize my affection and love in every ray of my light.

The earth moves in a subtle direction, and all particles, atoms and molecules are moved accordingly in their orientation. Flow with these streams, and learn about the change. The subtle act of transformation redefines you so that you can take off any weight.

Cosmic activities, solar impacts, the light of Alcyone and the light of the ancient sun, change all corners of the earth on a new level of solar intensity. In accordance with the will of creation, I let my rays into the field of earth consciousness. The light reaches you, with all its orientations.

Stay grounded and feel connected to me. Everything is change. Your perception will be more pronounced in this section of being. At the same time as creation, you experience yourself in energies that correspond to the new time. A time, the miraculous expansion on all levels.”


The sun’s consciousness intensifies its activities. Everything moves towards the light. Adjustment processes ensure an orientation towards a more subtle world. Life is promoted and supported. Cosmic processes create movements and resonances in the life fields of the earth. On the way into the light, everything is even.