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Message from your Hostess of Light | August 2023

Message from your Hostess of Light | August 2023


August 2023

From Your Hostess of Light:

As I prepare for the 35th 8:8 Lionsgate workshop the universe pushes and pulls at my brain trying to stretch me into new insights like salt water taffy on a hot summer’s day. Like a flashing billboard the words ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’ float to the surface. A self-fulfilling prophecy is a prediction that causes itself to be true due to the behavior of the believer. Self-fulling means “brought about as a result of being foretold or talked about to the point of manifestation,” prophecy refers to the actual prediction. Another definition of self-fulfilling prophecy is someone “predicting” or expecting something, and this “prediction” or expectation coming true simply because the person believes it. In this virtual world we all live in, self-fulling prophecies are just a tweet away.

An example of this is a bank closing because of rumors that it would be closing. This creates a ‘causal loop’ that has a life force of its own. The rumor magnifies everything, the people panic and start withdrawing their money out of the bank, forcing the bank to close and the prophecy to be fulfilled. We see this on a global level constantly. Many of those prophecies fall flat on their faces, others continue to grow a tale, no matter how much we tried to nip it in the bud with our prayers. False beliefs have a life-force of their own. So how do you nip a negative self-fulfilling prophecy in the butt? You create a bigger shinier self-fulfilling prophecy! Every self-fulling prophecy, no matter how small (like telling your boss a white-lie and then having to live out that white lie as it came to life) will eventually create a ‘casual loop’. In these virtual times future history will be rewritten as all of the earths self-fulfilling prophecies still tweet and twitter forever via the never-ending cloud.

A causal loop is a circular chain of variables affecting one another. One variable affects a second variable, which in turn affects a third variable, and onward. The casual loop is connected energetically to the Casual chakra which is being powerfully activated at this time in history. The causal chakra allows a two-way flow of energy and light from the higher realms. The causal chakra has a powerful purpose as it provides the seeker with a deep and intimate connection to the world of spirit. It is Through the Causal chakra we receive messages, information, and inspiration allowing us to see the bigger picture via intuition. The Causal Chakra is connected to the Moon and is like your own personal Moon, absorbing and radiating divine healing feminine light. The Moon is an ascended satellite that holds the higher aspects of the divine feminine.

Every thought is a time piece that commands immediate consideration. Each minute that passes is as a cosmic gift certificate to be spent at the destination of your choice. Amounts and values of this gift certificate are structured and redefined to fit earthen needs and wants. As the pulse of light strengths in proportion to desired outcomes it moves its consciousness forward thru time to look at each and every one of its conceptions. Seeing how they are spending their life force. What is less than in time and value is multiplied and expanded as Choices are blatantly seen for what they are hiding. An evolutionary wave length of expansion in direct proportion to the creators pulse, is felt on a cellular level Time once obstructed is seen for its flexibility, bending forward or backward takes the same energy.

As mankind changes his awareness of what space and time is, he will release himself from the shackles of his past choices which continue to restrict life. The molecules of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are streaming forward thru time and space without hesitation. Mankind has the innate ability to become as the ‘masters’ he actively bows to. Receiving the star keys is the center of this truth. Stars and galaxies live within the human body and DNA. They are stellar captives of matter and antimatter, who request to be set free. The universe is moving forward with or without you dear one. Completion of the old programs quickens as the new codes are issued to earth via the cosmic pulse. All is amplified as light ebbs and flows.

As Thought-forms of light are ingathered and reevaluated, All will be accountable for time, how they spend it, how they see it. Physical processing is necessary to quicken the process of man moving into a brighter living light. A great gift awaits those that are strong enough to stay on the path of light, involution and evolution. Those that are righteous in light, thought and deed are seen by the broadcasting of their intentions. They shall be lifted on high to be delivered from a looming molecular fall.

A body of belief must exist before this can happen. The gifts of what is holy will come to a place of saturation and maturity and a light filled program will be finalized. Light awareness from outside sources will be transferred. Old ways of thinking will be liquefied. New beliefs will be created at an excelled speed giving life to all thought and words. Divine seeds that have been afraid to sprout until now take root in this higher atmosphere of light. By living in a place of light wearing a garment of love humanity will be able to move past the intergalactic fence to a place of new energy codes. Star keys are given in response to an outcry from the future. Mankind will once again be given the tools to save itself from a self-induced coma.